Industry area consisting of former textile and machinery factories was renamed into »Strojne tovarne«. Electricity meters were part of the manufacturing program. A year later, the company was renamed Iskra and started with a regular production of single-phase meters in 1948. The meters were based on the renowned Ferraris principle.


Due to high quality of metering products, the demand for Iskra electricity meters began to grow rapidly. In order to meet increasing market demands, the first production line was set in motion. Regular production of three-phase meters began in 1958.


The year was marked with the introduction of new technologies – the TE2 was the first electronic meter for measuring electricity consumption in industrial applications. First quantities of the meter with 0, 5% measuring accuracy were initially produced in a development workshop. TE3 with the highest 0, 2% accuracy class joined the portfolio two years later.


Iskraemeco successfully concluded the project of installing the first industrial system for metering and billing of electrical energy in Bosnia. It was a landmark achievement at that time, since it enabled the client to achieve significant savings in energy consumption and optimize its workflow.


The ME100 and the MT300 were the first generation residential meters with an integrated monolithic circuit and an integrated Hall sensor. This platform was an innovation on a global scale, uniting three different technologies – sensor, analogue and digital.


The company transformed the system of quality and environmental protection into an integrated system of conducting business according to the ISO 9001:2000 standard. The first system for energy metering and billing for the residential segment, named SEP, was developed.


Two successful projects in the Nordics became the cornerstone for future smart metering projects. Within a turn-key AMR project with Vattenffall in Sweden, 150.000 metering points in rural areas were equipped with smart meters based on PLC and GSM/GPRS communication. The partnership with a Finish telecommunication company, Telia Sonera and Vattenfall established a metering system based on GSM/GPRS communication with 600.000 smart meters in the network.


Iskraemeco became a part of the Elsewedy Electric group. With this partnership, Iskraemeco was able to further strengthen its market position in the EMEA region and electricity meters became an important element in Elsewedy Electric`s product portfolio.


The first interoperable meters, the Mx381 family received the IDIS label. Iskraemeco is one of the founding members of the IDIS association that provides interoperability specifications that ensure full exchangeability of metering devices from different manufacturers.


Iskraemeco delivered more than half a million smart meters based on GSM/GPRS communication to three Dutch utilities, Alliander, Enexis and DELTA Netwerkbedrijf. End of the year, the fourth generation of Iskraemeco smart meters, the AM550, based on a future-proof modular design was presented to the market.


Iskraemeco designed the Fair Meter project in collaboration with our Dutch customers. A Fair Meter is a smart electricity meter for which we know exactly where, how and from what it was made. Our objective in Fair Meter production is to reduce the meter’s environmental and social footprint.


The beginning of the Fair Meter project coincided with the company’s adoption of its sustainability strategy, which is based on three pillars: internal processes, partnerships and the supply chain. The aim of the strategy is to achieve full transparency of the supply chain and implement the principles of circular economy in the company’s internal processes. Today Iskraemeco is the industry leader in the field of comprehensive sustainable energy solutions.


We launched a modular communication platform and the first platform-based product, AC750.


The company’s development achievements were recognized by the Chamber of Commerce and Trade of the Republic of Slovenia, which presented Iskraemeco with the nation-wide Golden Innovation Award for the most innovative companies and innovators in Slovenia. The award-winning innovation – a smart meter platform – has already been integrated into several smart metering roll-outs.


Iskraemeco received the AAA Golden Creditworthiness Certificate of Excellence, which is awarded by the Bisnode credit rating agency. The certificate places Iskraemeco among 1.6. percent of best companies in the country.


We received a Golden Innovation Award for the Fair Meter project and two regional Golden Innovation Awards – for the AC750 communication platform and for the Fair Meter.