Career at Iskraemeco

Since 1945 we have been part of some of the ground breaking developments in the metering industry. More exciting changes await us in the coming years with the transformation to the smart grid.

We believe that highly motivated, responsible and proactive employees are the reason for our company`s success and evolution. That is why we encourage and support their quest for knowledge, personal growth and professional development. Talented and passionate professionals focused on effective problem solving and striving for continuous improvements are welcome reinforcement to our team.

What do Iskraemeco employees have in common?

1. We are good at what we do
Seventy years of evolving and growing with the market have made us experts at what we do. We listen to our customers’ needs and put their success first. Our employees are professionals who always go the extra mile to fulfil customer requirements.


2. We are ambitious, creative and proactive
We always have room for people who are not afraid of taking on new challenges. A dynamic international environment and exciting new advances in the industry offer incredible opportunities for adventurous individuals.


3. We are team players
Greater cooperation and collaboration affects our productivity on a daily basis and makes implementation of ideas easier. Customers are not outsiders; we work hand in hand with them and treat them as part of our team.

If this sounds like the place for you, check out our latest Employment Opportunities below.

Employment Opportunities

Those who haven`t quite finished their studies yet can join our team through our extensive scholarship or trainee programs. To learn more about these opportunities, please Contact us.