Iskraemeco’s AC750 gateway/data concentrator achieves G3-PLC certification

Iskraemeco’s newest AC750 gateway/data concentrator has successfully passed the rigorous testing procedures required to obtain the G3-PLC certificate. The tests applied covered conformance, interoperability and performance testing. AC750 is a next-generation communication device based on an innovative platform that enables high-speed, high-reliability and long-range communication over existing power lines. 

Certification testing was performed by Laboratoire des Applications Numériques, an independent testing facility based in France. The certificate proves that AC750 is interoperable with other certified devices and meets the specified performance levels. The gateway`s data reading concept was designed to reach the highest performance. It enables end-to-end reading via a gateway and actualises the future possibility of scheduled meter reading via a data concentrator.


The device was designed to facilitate a seamless transition to a smart grid environment. It supports a wide range of communication interfaces and protocols and is equipped with field-exchangeable communication modules. The gateway can be equipped with a Trusted Platform Module and supports secured protocols which guarantee confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and availability of metering data.


Certification documentation can be found at the G3-PLC alliance web page: