Meter Diagnostics and Monitoring

Metrologue was designed to bring all the benefits that a modern smart meter with its extensive functionality can provide for near real-time monitoring, diagnostics and analysis.


The tool provides basic parameterization enabling users to send pre-prepared command scripts to electricity meters and to implement most common actions. Easily accessible options and informative visualizations with optional recording of data will allow users to quickly investigate whichever area of the meter’s operation they are interested in.


  • Dashboard: survey of overall conditions in the grid
  • Voltages: presentation of voltage fluctuation during the observation period
  • Harmonic Distortions: visualization of voltage and current distortions
  • Vector Diagrams: presentation of amplitudes and angles between voltages and currents
  • Events: user friendly presentation of events and alarms
  • Profiles: display of load profiles for the given date range
  • Billing View: display of billing profile values