Smart Metering

Smart metering solutions based on remote meter reading address the future needs of utilities and consumers for efficient energy management. They provide utilities with necessary data to manage energy use, anticipate demand, and achieve cost efficient operation. On the other hand, by receiving energy bills based on actual consumption, end-consumers gain the ability to monitor, predict and influence energy costs by changing their consumption behavior.

+ Protects revenues

Precise consumption measurements, real-time meter data access and anti-fraud detection are just some of the contemporary features that allow utilities to avoid unnecessary technical losses.


+ Reduces costs

Remote connection/disconnection made possible by automated services reduces costs of field meter reading and cuts utilities’ operational costs.


+ Enables demand response

System monitoring, timely collection of data and understanding consumer patterns makes demand forecasting an easy and transparent step in energy management processes.


+ Engages consumers

End-consumers with access to usage data are able to actively participate in conservation activities. This leads to greater environmental awareness and improves utilities` customer service.


+ Promotes sustainability

State-of-the-art technologies enable reliable and efficient delivery of electrical energy while accurate and constant data availability leads to environmentally friendly consumer behavior.