A life lesson that shaped my mindset
January 28, 2020

At the beginning of my career, I worked as an operator and had first-hand experience of a manager that I did not want to become! I experienced something that taught me a valuable life-lesson.

My ideas and the will to cooperate were, on occasions, suppressed by remarks from people that were higher on the hierarchical scale. ‘You do as you are told’ and ‘You shouldn’t think, you should just do!’ were common phrases used by managers or senior co-workers. It was probably just power and enthusiasm of youthfulness that helped me to thrive in this strange demotivational working condition.

I vowed to myself that throughout my career I will have a different view on my co-workers and since that day I have. Every person that works for me, either a cleaner, an operator, a manager or a director I treat them as equals. They are people who bring value to the company and that is important to really understand.

You should treat them with respect, earn their respect and gain levels of openness to which you cannot really put a value on.

It’s up to us as managers to coach our leaders to embrace such a simple approach.