New exciting opportunities in the professions of the future
October 16, 2020 - Nena Hribar

In the decades ahead we will most likely recruit many experts with job titles we are still unable to name, using completely different recruitment methods and approaches than today.

Reflecting on the past, we can say that our company has always been great at attracting top experts who worked in and through their ambitious teams to create cutting-edge solutions in highly specialized areas. At the time of digital transformation when the world is changing at an increasingly fast pace, we put our faith in the people who are highly trained and self-driven, innovative and motivated to keep learning and acquiring new knowledge and skills not necessarily related to the energy segment.
As technological change becomes even more relentless and inevitable, people collaboration skills and the ability to combine knowledge from various fields and contexts will definitely become important factors of the company’s recruitment decisions.

From science and technology to a universe of knowledge

Technological advances are mostly generated by science and technology professionals. We maintain and strengthen our competitive edge by hiring top experts all over the globe as well as by early recognition of young talents. Nearly 50 years ago Iskra built a secondary school for electricity technicians in the immediate vicinity of the factory. Now Iskraemeco provides students with scholarships and the opportunity to acquire practical experience and encourages them to focus on Iskraemeco’s activities in their theses and other assignments.
Furthermore, Iskraemeco collaborates with universities and faculties and includes students in academia-industry collaborative projects. In the future, a student’s selected course of study will be considered in connection with the student’s motivation, ability to learn, and other competencies such as analytical skills and innovative thinking.

The global-local balance

We are operating in the global market and our recruitment of top experts reaches far beyond national borders. In addition, we are committed to promote education and training of key talents in the environments where we operate. We work closely with the best training centers in the countries where our companies are based. Upon entering the international business world, our employees are encouraged to take part in additional trainings, international exchange programs, participate in various projects implemented by the company, external organizations or business partners, all with an aim to enhance the professionalism and expertise of our employees and strengthen our common focus on and ability to tackle development changes.