Building a smart factory to optimize processes and productivity
April 7, 2021 - Iskraemeco Team

The wave of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is gaining attention among manufacturers. Manufacturing has always been about rapid decision making, constant change and data.

Technology is having a profound impact on the way factories operate today by making the process of manufacturing intelligent and dynamic. In an effort to meet its customers’ increasing expectations for faster delivery times, customized products, and transparency Iskraemeco has adopted many digital technologies.




Implementing a smart factory concept in Iskraemeco requires a step-by-step methodological approach to make the best decisions. The main idea is to use artificial intelligence to improve the physical manufacturing process. It helps us to learn, adapt, and meet customer and market needs but also to improve cost efficiency, thus guaranteeing high-quality products. Here we highlight just a few of the most important steps.

Introducing the lean concept and ensuring information transparency is one of the most important steps. The benefits of such an approach are identifying weaknesses and taking immediate action to eliminate them, as well as reducing inventories and lead times and increasing productivity.

The main benefits of investing in a smart factory are also…


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