Crafted smart metering solutions to strengthen the digital grid in Africa
February 16, 2022 - Ahmed Anwar, Nouran Bahaa and Ihab Mokhles

Across the African region, utilities and municipalities are experiencing technical and non-technical losses for a variety of reasons.
These range from regular power outages, theft and fraud to inadequate energy management, which characterizes the energy industry in this region.

Furthermore, as utilities have challenges with improper billing and revenue loss, efficient customer service seems increasingly difficult to achieve. To overcome these challenges, smart metering method have come into play, which offer efficiency and effectiveness. Although Iskraemeco already had a strong presence in the African market, the company has managed to take a bold step into the new Industrial and Commercial (IC) sector, to unify, transform and modernize the region’s market with solution tailored to meet concerns.


Iskraemeco’s Digital Grid solutions address the major challenges facing modern power generators, transmission and distribution system operators. They provide solutions against fraud, faster predictions for outages, and improve overall energy management.
The solution process begins with the installation of our smart meters and their communication modules. The data is then transferred to our innovative SYMBIOT software suite, which includes a Head- End and Meter Data Management system.
To manage and store a large amount of metering information, the data is transferred to the central AMI application system. This required data is then extracted to provide utilities with deep insights into the operation of the network and the energy balance. This enables operators to identify inefficiencies in the grid, track unbilled consumption and identify potentially dangerous sections of the grid to avoid emergencies at peak load times.
Iskraemeco is entering this new IC segment with its high-precision multifunction meter, the MT880.


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