Future-proof information technology
February 17, 2021 - Aleš Tancer

Information technology (IT) is a fast-changing and rapidly developing area. In terms of business outcomes, it is becoming increasingly important that the implemented IT advances to improve the communication, relationships and processes both inside the company as well as towards customers, partners and other stakeholders.


According to IT experts, the future will bring an even greater need for connectivity: connectivity of data, connectivity of devices and, most importantly, connectivity of people. A balanced approach to information technology will facilitate more efficient collaboration among employees around the globe.


The choice of technology facilitates a flexible and agile environment in which we are a strategic partner providing employees with business solutions that help them achieve their goals and augment the company’s standing in the global market.

By optimizing, consolidating, standardizing and enforcing information security, the IT sector offers key support to the company’s business processes. We strive to provide users around the globe with fully integrated and flawlessly executed services that give users a unified user experience. Our main focus is not technology per se, but rather the management of information and data, which improves user experience and converts an added value into business value.


For the IT sector, understanding all the company’s processes are crucial for ensuring the optimization of its business operations. Information technology is an investment in efficient and safe operation and is key to achieving business results. In the future, we will live and work in smart companies, smart cities and in a smart world. All devices will be interconnected and connectivity will also bring people closer together. High-quality systems will be the basis for instant responsiveness. To claim this future, we will need to follow the existing Iskraemeco’s expert teams responsible for delivering advanced and balanced IT solutions that enable us to be more connected regardless of our job title and business address.

The solutions of tomorrow will comprise artificial intelligence and augment reality, self-learning systems, predictive and prescriptive analytics. With the help of big data, these will bring more reliable predictions about the course of action, without compromising data security. The data needed will be accessed from anywhere, anytime and any device.

Iskraemeco is well prepared for the era ahead, technologically challenging and exciting as it may be.