Iskraemeco has opened a Technology Design Center
October 7, 2021

Iskraemeco is taking the next step in becoming a technology and knowledge leader in the industry!

Iskraemeco’s new Technology Design Center for managing future technology trends

Iskraemeco is taking the next step in becoming a technology and knowledge leader in the industry. In order to steer the development of new solutions and services for various business segments, and to align core development activities globally, we are introducing a Technology Design Center in Slovenia with strategic hubs in Egypt and India.


Technology Design Center – new, innovative ways of doing business

The Technology Design Center was established to strategically manage future technology trends focused on leaner and more agile design processes, innovation and creativity. Our goal is to bring together diverse ideas and perspectives and to focus on key development activities around the world.

We will be able to pool the best resources in a more efficient way and align these functions across all Iskraemeco hubs around the world. Fundamentally, our aim is to promote the use of new energy technologies that play an important role in translating the results of the new solutions and services approach into changes in the energy system. By focusing on future technology trends, we are laying the foundation for a smart city by leveraging digital grids, metering systems in eMobility, data management, smart water and Energy IoT.

“With the creation of Iskraemeco’s Technology Design Center, we are merging human and artificial intelligence to solve some of the most challenging organizational and technological problems, global challenges and fundamental changes in daily life,” said Luis Goncalves, CEO of Iskraemeco. “We will tap into the wellspring of innovation and creativity to design future-proof solutions and services by leveraging the most transformative technologies.”

Digitalization is transforming many industries and the way modern technologies can be used to create value, serve customers, optimize processes and capture new market opportunities. At Iskraemeco, we are taking the next step to becoming a technology and knowledge leader in the energy industry. I am proud that with the launch of the Technology Design Center we can bundle various activities to strategically manage future technology trends and accelerate the digital innovation process in the company,” said Aleš Potočnik, our new Director of the Technology Design Center.
Both design and technology are hugely important in today’s business world. They are logical, creative and practical, and giving Iskraemeco employees the opportunity to apply what they have learned so far and use their innovative skills, talent and entrepreneurial spirit in unique ways.