Iskraemeco is a part of one of the most significant smart city projects in Slovenia
September 24, 2020 - Smart Energy & Water Team

Iskraemeco is excited to join forces with the Municipality of Kranj and other consortium partners on the implementation of one of the most significant smart city projects in Slovenia.

A settlement near Kranj was chosen as the pilot area for the digitization of the city, the introduction of advanced smart city infrastructure, and upgrading water, electricity and gas metering systems.

Iskraemeco and a consortium* of partners have been working according to the Kranj Municipality guidelines, accelerating the implementation of the Smart Energy & Water, Environment Monitoring & Sustainability, Smart Lighting, and Smart Traffic solutions.

Kranj - Smart City for Citizens and Municipality

The final pilot solution of the Smart City project will enable the collection of data from smart meters (electricity, gas, water) and smart sensors, further display of the data in an intuitive and user-friendly way, and its in-depth analysis.

Iskraemeco has provided:
  • Deployment of the city LoRaWAN IoT network,
  • Integration of the IoT platform with electricity, water and gas meters (LoRaWAN & NB IoT communication, more than 1000 smart meters),
  • Calculation of sustainable Energy and Water consumption indicators,
  • Data lake integration (CIM standard),
  • A Mobile application for Smart Energy, Water and Sustainability data.


Benefits for the Kranj Municipality:

Aggregated energy and water data are available in one place (electricity, gas, water).

  • Aggregated data on energy and water consumption shown by settlements and city,
  • Calculation of the carbon footprint for individual settlements and the city,
  • Calculation of water balances for individual settlements and the city,
  • Important data on energy and water supply.


Benefits for citizens:

Easy-to-access data on energy and water consumption that is available in one place to all citizens.

  • Daily, the monthly and annual display of energy and water consumption,
  • Calculation of carbon footprint,
  • Consumption data comparisons by settlement and for the municipality,
  • Warnings in case of increased energy and water use.


On Monday, 21 September, Iskraemeco and its partners officially presented the user applications developed for several areas within the Smart City framework to the management of the Kranj Municipality and the members of the Strategic Council for Smart City & Smart Community.

The project and its innovative technical solutions are set to be the benchmark for Smart City initiatives in the region and an example of excellent cooperation between a local business entity and public administration.



*Iskraemeco has provided its Smart City Solutions together with the following consortium partners: Riko, 3fs, Komunala Kranj, Domplan, Vigred and Elektro Gorenjska. .
Photo Credit: 3fs, Iskraemeco