Iskraemeco’s Talent Academy
May 11, 2020 - Manca Ramovš Kovačič, Anka Laketić

Identification of talents is an HR practice generally implemented in most modern organisations. Iskraemeco is aware that identification and development of high-potential employees is a key component of the company’s success, in the broad sense of the word, since it will be these individuals who will in the future assume more demanding and responsible roles or become future leaders.

Last year we identified talented and high-potential employees, along with key functions, as those employees whose knowledge, outstanding job performance and commitment contribute to the efficiency of their group or department and, consequently, to the overall success of the entire company.

The first generation of the Talent Academy, which started in October 2019, consists of the employees who have been recognised as talented by their superiors and the HR. By joining the two-year study programme, they will acquire a wide range of knowledge that they can apply to their daily tasks and that is particularly beneficial to the understanding of other work areas and business processes.

The programme was designed in collaboration with the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, which adapted the contents of the programme to our needs and wishes. Lectures within certain modules were given by external and Iskraemeco experts.

The Talent Academy participants are currently undergoing PXT assessments. PTX Select is a tool that assesses the thinking style, behavioural traits and occupational interests. The results will be used for career development and training plans, with a focus on leadership or expert knowledge.


The first year of the programme consists of eight modules:

  • Strategic mindset
  • Strategic role of digitalisation and new business models with the impact on Industry 4.0
  • Finance for non-financier & macroeconomics
  • Using Design Thinking methodology in decision making, Part I
  • Presentation skills and techniques (2 days)
  • Time management and motivation
  • Sales and business marketing management


Apart from being involved in the regular programme, the talents were divided into heterogeneous groups and asked to provide answers to certain internal challenges, which were set in cooperation with internal mentors. Project work strengthens their teamwork and social skills, while their expertise is beneficial in finding the optimal solution.

The solutions will be presented to the management in June and we are certain that many of them will be adopted.

The second year of the programme will focus on building leadership skills and expertise, as well as providing in-depth knowledge of the first-year topics.

The entire program enables the professional advancement of young employees in various business areas. Upgrading knowledge, gaining leadership skills, and being able to lead a variety of projects – this is value added for an individual who enters the Talent Academy.