Our mission is to make efficient energy use easy
March 2, 2021 - Luis Goncalves

The era we live in is very wasteful in terms of energy consumption. Currently an average person uses 58 kWh of electricity per day – image that is the same electricity amount that electrical car consumes for 441 km! Consumption is predicted to even increase by a further 25% -30% in the next 20 years.

Such consumption puts mankind in danger of using up the planet’s natural resources.

Several scientists are already sure that multi-stakeholder economies, societies and governments are using natural resources to an extent that exceeds the Earth’s capacity to regenerate them and creating a footprint the planet cannot nullify.

75 % of the total global carbon footprint is associated with energy use. We cannot deny that in the last decade increasing CO2 emissions were recognized as one of the major problems, and it is also true that states and organizations have awarded grants for production of electrical energy from renewable sources. But there is still space for massive improvements.  Regardless of all the new concepts that were adopted, and innovations implemented, that bright – and green – light at the end of the tunnel still seems far.


We have made some changes by now, but I keep wondering whether this is enough for a carbon-neutral society? I would say that we cannot overlook the issues of how to use energy more effectively and responsibly. Energy efficiency and consumption control are still largely untapped on a global scale, and there are is a range of undiscovered options for improving it.

It gives me a pleasure to work in an industry that tackles the challenges of the modern world, to be in company where we create new solutions and help our customers on their transformation journey.

Companies like Iskraemeco, have a huge responsibility towards society when it comes to energy efficiency and sustainability in metering. The smart metering industry has improved so much in the last years in terms of energy efficiency.  It has been proven that the installation and use of smart metering technologies can increase energy efficiency by up to 10%.   

Iskraemeco’s solutions improve energy use in a way that the consumer does not even notice. By using our smart metering solutions, we are helping utilities all over the globe improve their efficiency, lower operating costs, and provide better customer service. We provide our customers with comprehensive solutions for efficient energy management. With a focus on quality, reliability, and innovation we are committed to supporting our customers to master the digital transformation journey to a brighter and greener future.


The right way to start is by setting an example. Our actions will contribute to a better future; hence we invest in all the levels that we can. We invest in facilities and internal improvements to take our production to the next level and reach carbon footprint neutrality. Iskraemeco makes an entire smart meter in one place, thus saving a huge amount of natural resources and leaving a negligible co2 footprint. Compared to 2013, our CO2 footprint per product was 60% lower in 2019, electricity consumption per product has decreased by 30%, and waste production has dropped by 7%. In 2019 we were also awarded an ISO 50001:2018 certificate for following a systematic approach in achieving continual improvement of energy performance, including energy efficiency, energy use and consumption. The company has taken a step further by certifying its energy management system for compliance with ISO 50001.


Iskraemeco was also among the first companies that decided on a systematic transition to sustainable management and fully implemented it. We have shown not only vision but also ambition. And we still have many ideas on how to be more efficient. I dare to say that our business strategy is going towards a sustainability management approach. We are not measuring the success of our company just in profit, but also in environmental footprint.


I believe that every change starts with us. There is no other planet, we only have our Earth. Everyone can contribute and will contribute since they all know that we need to do something about our environment. We are so lucky to have technology on our side. Let’s use it to our advantage for a greener and brighter future.