People are the component of the sales process that actually creates opportunities
February 25, 2021 - Franc Kuhar

Although the future is all about maximizing connectivity among devices, successful sales relations of today and tomorrow are based on another type of connection – connections between people. Even in selling extremely complex technological solutions or cutting-edge technology, people are the component of the sales process that actually creates opportunities.

This will not change in the future. It is therefore crucial that our sales department employs people who have excellent communication skills.


We are proud of our collaboration with partners and customers; we are united in searching for solutions, tailoring them to our customers’ requirements, and exchanging expertise and experience, which are the building blocks of success. The past years have brought many success stories and the three facts that undoubtedly prove the long-term success of our sales team are: maintaining the high market share in the German market, winning the large contract for the supply of advanced Iskraemeco meters to Dutch households, and securing the sales volume and reputation in the countries of the Former Yugoslavia.

Today Iskraemeco sells devices and fully-customized partner-specific system solutions, which can be upgraded through managed and soft services. In five years we will be able to say that despite the rapidly changing markets, one-third of our sales comes from advanced management services, i.e. soft services. We believe that future business opportunities also lie in combining the niche markets for the metering of electricity, water, gas and other sources of heating and cooling.



Developments have had a major effect on working in sales. If in the past, a sales rep and a product manager were able to close a sales deal, the complexity of the requirements of the current tenders and auctions are forcing us to use teams of experts from various fields. Apart from the sales department in Kranj, which also trains sales people specializing in specific worldwide markets, Iskraemeco is developing its regional sales teams. In Dubai, for example, we have a team of 10 specialists whose expertise and experience is sufficient for them to operate as an independent sales team, a solution that Iskraemeco intends to apply to several other highly complex markets.



We are lucky because the world has chosen electricity as the energy of the future, at least in the mid-term perspective! With energy consumption on the rise, accurate metering data along with consumption optimizing tools will become increasingly important. Large parking garages will probably offer e-charging stations, households will be outfitted with metering devices for various energy users. In smart cities, metering solutions and sensor arrays will form the basis for management services, focused on ensuring balanced consumption and appropriate energy flow. Utilities will require services that will deliver greater efficiency at optimal cost.

As one of the leading global providers of energy metering solutions, Iskraemeco is already offering such services, constantly upgrading them and making the necessary adjustments to tailor these solutions to individual partners and markets.

Identification of specific needs to be met through customized hardware and software solutions, smart management systems and processes is another task of Iskraemeco’s sales teams, inextricably connecting them with the development of the company’s future sales portfolio of products, services and solutions.