Quality is investment for the future
March 11, 2021 - Gregor Kita

Quality at Iskraemeco means that for every activity in every process in the company, we ask ourselves how our work relates to the customer’s expectations and requirements.

This gives us a key focus on the development, manufacture and delivery of our products and solutions. Good quality is characterized by solutions and products that work flawlessly, precisely, and economically. However, this is only possible if all elements are carefully and thoughtfully selected, the latest technology is used to connect these elements, and concern for the environment is a value that is lived through all processes. The role and perception of energy are changing with the coming e-mobility and diversified sources of production. As a result, electrical grids are becoming increasingly unstable.

The increasing volatility of the grid requires fast and accurate decisions that can only be supported by the highest quality solutions and products. It is no coincidence that energy is becoming a critical infrastructure and consequently all of us who are part of the energy system with our solutions and products are taking on our share of responsibility. Equal responsibility demands quality at the highest level. At Iskraemeco, we know our way around metering and our solutions are used by the most demanding customers in the most demanding environments.

We see the quality in our company as a respected and valued voice of the customer, guiding us to the solutions of the future. 75th years of experience help us with it, said Gregor Kita, Iskraemeco’s Director of quality.