Quality is not and never will be accidental
April 20, 2021 - Gregor Kita

Any responsible company is determined to provide the highest quality products, solutions or services. A quality product is always a consequence of systematic, connected and controlled efficient business processes, effective supplier management, validation and final control, and consistent compliance with the requirements and expectations of the customer.

Quality is not and never will be accidental. It is always the consequence of systematic and quality performance in all activities and all company processes. Regardless of its industry and size, a company that has been operating in the market for some time will eventually be forced to deal with the poor quality of its products, solutions or services. When they reach this point, all companies are in the same situation but there are a few aspects in which they differ.

The first is the number of such unwanted incidents but the key differentiating factor is the relationship with the customer and the way the company reacts when faced with poor quality. If the company genuinely cares for its customer, then it will react quickly and with due empathy. In the B2B world, a customer will become a supplier in the next iteration and is therefore very well aware of the measure of quality and commitment to its end customers. That is why the reaction time and assurance of resources is key to tackling quality challenges. It is critical moments that we can test the correctness of our decision to work with a specific supplier.

Iskraemeco has been investing in quality for a number of years and has put in place a culture based on transparent customer relations. The complexity of products and services keeps increasing, and so does the risk associated with the quality standards in place. Only by maximizing quality throughout all company’s processes, increasing the complexity and number of validation tests and final controls can we satisfy the customers’ expectations and requirements. A high level of empathy and customer understanding coupled with quick reactions and a ‘lesson learned’ loop will strengthen the trust in the Iskraemeco brand and support the customers in their conviction that by selecting Iskraemeco as their provider of metering and energy equipment and solutions, they have chosen well.

“At every moment we are faced with the challenge of how to protect and boost the reputation of a reliable and trustworthy partner. In the end, the way we approach any unwanted events and critical situations are that determining factor that shapes our relationship with the customer. Our goal is to react by making quick, strategic and transparent decisions and provide the customer with priority treatment and an efficient solution to their problem.” Gregor Kita, Director of Quality.