We are prepared for the challenges of tomorrow
February 2, 2021 - Luis Goncalves

Our world is changing faster than ever, and tomorrow’s organizations face major challenges. We can no longer just adopt a ‘wait-and-see’ approach, but we need to be drivers of change.

Technology innovations and social developments are growing at a rapid pace and we have the willingness and the right mindset required to make changes together with our committed employees.
In an increasingly interconnected world, companies need much more than the smartest meters, they need an experienced, dedicated company that can help them manage data and data flows. Data is also creating new challenges for businesses. One of the key competitive advantages of each company will be how to change data into valuable information and achieve great business results. This is a very exciting era for our company. Many smart metering projects are currently underway all over Europe and globally. Through active participation, we are strengthening our presence in various markets and establishing better processes within the company.
Over the years, we have gained valuable experience in digitalization that has led Iskraemeco to the place where it is now – a reliable and innovative solution provider. Iskraemeco is not stopping there – we dream about a sustainable, technology-driven world that is inspired by people. Talented employees are the key to business success today. We are proud to have a team with ground-breaking ideas that provide solutions for our customers. Iskraemeco has taken clear steps towards transforming its business and preparing a detailed strategy that is our base for the future. In the past decade, the only way to manage our growth was by extending our range of business solutions and services.

As professionals, we need to accept that we are also competing in a marketplace where all players have to focus on continual improvements and delivering excellence. It is vital that we enhance our capabilities in terms of agility, flexibility and creativity in our daily work.

What does the future hold for Iskraemeco?

It is impossible to predict how the world will change in detail. Our company is global, but we also have a local presence, since this is the best way to connect with our customers and partners. We are proud to have dedicated employees who can implement innovative, sustainable and digital solutions that will make cities and grids intelligent.
Our vision is clear – through a transparent approach, we will provide quality solutions that will meet requirements in the future. We are delighted to have great relationships with our customers, partners and within our company. Together we are the Iskraemeco community – ready to create perfect solutions together and prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

We will achieve common goals with a positive spirit, engagement and dedication – together we can do everything!