April 10, 2021 - Iskraemeco

Today, cities are changing, evolving and growing at a tremendous pace. There are countless opportunities and challenges for urbanization and digitization that can contribute to the sustainable development of cities around the world and a higher quality of life.


To create a better city, we need to be encouraged to innovate and experiment. Undoubtedly, we cannot avoid the use of rapidly evolving technology.


There is no escaping technology – it touches us all. It is changing our lives, the way we work, our habits and, most importantly, when enhanced with knowledge and values, technology is a valuable tool in addressing global challenges and risks.


The past decade has witnessed an enormous evolution in terms of technology changes, networking, and global communication. The relentless development of technology has managed to open new paths for innovations, solutions and services that all come under the umbrella of smart cities. Smart cities are the ones that will offer their residents the highest quality of urban life.

SMART CITY: Added value for citizens

Smart City solutions provide opportunities for digitization of the city, introduction of advanced smart city infrastructure, raising the quality of living by improving security of the people and infrastructure, optimizing the consumption of resources, increasing sustainable water consumption, and minimizing the emissions.


Smart City is an ecosystem of state-of-the-art solutions and different stakeholders, such as local utilities, municipalities and businesses.


Iskraemeco Smart City projects, introducing innovative technical solutions, set a benchmark for “Smart City” initiatives in the whole region and are a great example of excellent cooperation between the local business community and public administration, benefiting both municipalities and citizens.

Taking actual actions to keep it green, keen and sustainable!

We live in nature, we use natural resources, and nature provides the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. We are beginning to understand our responsibility to help communities act and live sustainably and within the limitations of nature. When connecting smart home, smart grid and smart city solutions we can enable many sustainability goals to be achieved.


The existing technologies and the ones we are developing with our partners now and plan to develop in the future will all need to address the biggest global challenges, such as decarbonization and water scarcity.


With full awareness of the growing importance of sustainable solutions, Iskraemeco integrated sustainability into its company strategy, solutions and products.

To support future challenges, we have designed a portfolio of Smart Solutions for a Better City:

An article “Smart City, Better Life” in extended version is available on our new ENGAGE magazine, p. 18.

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