Young and promising students are the future of Iskraemeco
June 24, 2020 - Manca Ramovž Kovačič

It is very important that students acquire competencies and experience during their studies because these can determine their future career path and progress in the company. Desire to grow and acquire practical knowledge under professional mentorship is the key to success.

Development of ICT is closely connected with the recruitment of competent professionals who are able to develop, manage and maintain state-of-the-art technological systems. ICT solutions are driven by trends and a constant search for new information and knowledge – and in this respect, students are the greatest asset.

We have conducted a short interview with Andrej Pavlovčič, a recipient of Iskraemeco’s scholarship, who is acquiring his first work experience under the mentorship of Peter Žos, an experienced FW specialist.


Why do you find computer science so exciting? 

As a child, I was interested in computers and as this interest grew stronger at secondary school, I decided to continue my studies at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana. If you have the knowledge, ideas and are able to adopt to change, then you can enable and improve the programs and processes of all people involved in the workflow system. I can apply specific ICT knowledge to relevant fields and address different challenges.


What do you like most about working for Iskraemeco?

The relaxed working environment, exciting work, and a great team of colleagues to work with. With every new task, I learn something new, and I can use this knowledge in my other assignments. In my university courses I learn how to think and approach a task, but working on concrete tasks has given me a completely different perspective on computing. I’m currently working on my diploma thesis, which is linked to Iskraemeco, so I need to do a lot of programming.


Mentoring is important when students transition from the study to the work environment. What makes a good mentor, in your opinion?

A good mentor is a person who I can learn from, who encourages me and supports me when I need help. It’s also important that the mentor allows me to think outside the box and considers my proposals. This makes work much more interesting and I am more eager to put forward new ideas.

Why would you recommend other students to apply for Iskraemeco scholarship?

Mainly because it is a great chance to learn! Here at Iskraemeco I can upgrade the theory I have learned at the Faculty with practical knowledge. Work experiences are crucial for my further development and working for a global company where I can rotate between jobs and where regular employment is an option is definitely the best opportunity for me. The Iskraemeco team has a lot of professional knowledge and strives for relaxed working environment, which is an important factor in the company’s success. Knowledge and ideas are transferred and shared among generations, and we are very connected. If students are creative and enjoy proposing practical solutions, then this is a good environment for development and growth.


Are you creative, proactive, driven and eager to learn? Would you like to work for an international environment? Do you enjoy working in a team, in a dynamic environment, with exciting challenges and opportunities? Then Iskraemeco is the right choice for you! We are currently offering 18 scholarships for the academic year 2020/2021. Send you application by 30 June 2020. More about the scholarship program at