Iskraemeco wins its second large-scale smart metering project in Austria
December 20, 2017

Iskraemeco, one of the leading smart metering solution providers, will play a major role in a smart metering project in Austria. A consortium with Iskraemeco, Siemens and Landis+Gyr won the contract worth 230 million euros. Wiener Netze GmbH aims to integrate 1, 6 million smart meters into its distribution network across Vienna and the surrounding area. The rollout is scheduled to begin middle of 2018.

Wiener Netze GmbH is an electricity and natural gas distribution system operator that provides services to more than two million customers and is part of the Wiener Stadtwerke Holding AG. The latter is a wholly owned subsidiary of the city of Vienna and the largest energy supplier in Austria.

The Austrian utility is planning to set up a network, consisting of 80 percent smart meters until 2020 and sets to achieve the ambitious EU goal. According to plans, approximately 150.000 Iskraemeco smart meters, with exchangeable G3PLC and LTE communication modules will be deployed on a yearly basis. Iskraemeco will therefore deliver around a third of the total required smart meters to Wiener Netze.

“We are very excited to be part of this large-scale project that will have a great impact on the electricity distribution landscape in Austria», said Dieter Brunner, Iskraemeco CEO. «One of the most important requirements within the project was to deliver the highest level of security for metering data. We are proud to state that our smart metering platform is now a key element in assuring this“.

Iskraemeco`s smart electricity meter, deployed within this project will enable Wiener Netze to perform remote meter readings and reduce the amount of field work. End-to-End security is of great importance to the Austrian customer. Iskraemeco`s solution has integrated enhanced security mechanisms that enable the utility to respond dynamically and confidently to new market opportunities.

The consortium holds overall responsibility for the required technology (IT, transmission technology, smart meters) as well as services (logistics, testing, operation etc.) for the rollout. As a consequence all the components of the smart meter technology come from one source. This guarantees optimal implementation from the customer perspective as well as interoperability of the overall system, which is not dependent on one manufacturer.

Important aspects in the project are modernisation of the network and end-user involvement. Smart meters will enable end-users to have detailed information into their everyday energy consumption and thus make rational decisions when it comes to energy saving. Interoperability and interchangeability of smart electricity meters are assured on the basis of specifications of the IDIS association.

December 20, 2017
Iskraemeco’s AC750 gateway/data concentrator achieves G3-PLC certification
Iskraemeco’s newest AC750 gateway/data concentrator has successfully passed the rigorous testing procedures required to obtain the G3-PLC certificate. The tests applied covered conformance, interoperability and performance testing. AC750 is a next-generation communication device based on an innovative platform that enables high-speed, high-reliability and long-range communication over existing power lines.
February 16, 2018
Iskraemeco and EWA to develop a Smart Grid in Bahrain
Iskraemeco is part of a modernising project that aims to reform the energy sector in Bahrain. After a period of intensive collaboration, Iskraemeco has become one of the leading metering solution providers in Bahrain. Long-term development efforts have led to a Smart Metering contract with Bahrain’s sole utility, Electricity and Water Distribution (EWA).