A new production line to fulfil major smart metering deployments
December 21, 2016

The new production line is intended to increase production capacity of the AM550 smart meters. Currently, the meters are being supplied to four Dutch utilities (Liander, Enduris, Stedin and Westland) within the SMR5 project. The contract for supplying at least 1,6 million smart meters (with a possible increase in quantity up to 2,5 million) was signed in 2015. According to the forecast, half a million AM550 smart meters will be shipped to the Netherlands in 2017.

The formal opening of the new line was taking place on Friday, December 16th at the company headquarters in Kranj, Slovenia. The Slovene Minister of Economic Development and technology, Zdravko Počivalšek and a number of representatives from the Slovenian economy attended the event. During the ceremony, Minister Počivalšek addressed all attendees: “It is a great pleasure to participate at the opening of a new production line in a place that combines 70 years of knowledge, quality, experience and innovation. I applaud you for the implemented investment and wish you all the best in future endeavors”.

December 16, 2016
Iskraemeco enters into a strategic partnership with Swiss e-lynx
Iskrameco recently joined forces with e-lynx, a smart metering solution provider from Switzerland. The partnership will give Swiss utilities access to the latest smart metering solutions and allow Iskraemeco to further enhance its support services and serve its customers even more efficiently.
February 16, 2017
Netherlands`s largest smart metering deployment - the utility perspective
Middle of 2015, Iskraemeco concluded a strategic partnership with four utilities from the Netherlands, Liander, Stedin, Enduris and Westland Infra. Within the smart metering project Iskraemeco will deploy up to 2, 5 million smart electricity meters during the next five years. Liander, Stedin, Enduris and Westland Infra manage a network consisting of more than 5 million electricity metering points. The modular smart meter, AM550 is an essential part of this smart metering transition. By end of 2016, around 160.000 smart meters based on GSM/GPRS and CDMA communicaiton were already sent to the Netherlands. To follow up on the current status of the project we had a short chat with two members of the SMM audit team during the final audit at Iskraemeco premises. Mr Martin Werker, the Technical lead in this project is responsible for technical improvements, fulfilling set requirements and for solving challenges that arise during the project. Supplier quality assurance specialist, Mr Michael van den Bogaerd is responsible for the quality of products and processes.