A special year for Iskraemeco!
September 25, 2020

Celebration of our 75th anniversary followed by an investment in the energy renovation of the management building and the production plant.

We are extremely proud to be celebrating 75 years in business. We strongly believe that the future holds many more exciting and proud moments. With enthusiasm, we are looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that await us.

New challenges, advanced market demands and innovative sustainable solutions are at the heart of all technological solutions. At Iskraemeco, we are looking further, with a strong desire to enhance what these solutions are built to achieve – the connectivity of technology and people!

We are proud to have been able to host a grand opening of our new premises despite the challenging circumstances around the world. 2020 is a special year for our company. Apart from celebrating 75 years of business operations, we have renovated our management building and production plant, which will meet the challenges of the future.

We were pleased to be able to welcome to this event the owner of Iskraemeco, Eng. Ahmed Elsewedy, and his management team. Our guest of honor was the Mayor of the Municipality of Kranj, Mr. Matjaž Rakovec. Together with the members of Iskraemeco’ Board of Directors, Luis Goncalves and Bahaa Abdullah, they cut the ribbon on the new premises and had a tour of the renovated production plant.


Eng. Ahmed Elsewedy, owner of Iskraemeco, said upon the opening of the premises:

“I am honoured to be present here in Slovenia since 2007 and to be part of Iskraemeco. We are all one team, one family. When I come to Slovenia, I feel at home, and I am happy and pleased to see our global development. I firmly believe in the future, I believe that we can do great things together as a team. I believe in investment, but I think investment in people is even more important than investment in machines. People are the main asset of our company and the Group and Iskraemeco is the main driver of Elsewedy Electric. In the next years, we will invest more in Iskraemeco and in other companies in the Elsewedy Group. The situation about COVID-19 has shown us how much life has changed and the future will change. I am confident that Iskraemeco can be one of the main drivers of change in the future. I am really honoured to be here and thank you very much for making this happen.”


Luis Goncalves, CEO of Iskraemeco, added:

»I am happy to be here today and to see that valuable members of our team have come to this nice place to celebrate a very special moment with us. I regret that many more were not able to join us, but in today’s world this is a fact, although we were hoping to celebrate a very important moment in the history of Iskraemeco together. Seventy-five years is a remarkable period and I am very proud to say that Iskraemeco deserves to celebrate these 75 years and to enjoy this special moment also for the future. To go back to what Eng. Ahmed Elsewedy said, Iskraemeco has a great opportunity to help create the future and the next 75 years can be an outstanding era. Let me add that in the Group and in the energy market, digital transformation will be a major challenge for our customers and society, and we as Iskraemeco can play a significant role. Let’s face the challenge, seize the opportunity and build a really sustainable and strong future for our people for our stakeholders, shareholders and the community. This is what we wish to communicate and I think that this message is also important Kranj and the local community. The investment in the facilities was huge but now I can say with special pride that we have the strongest, most probably the best manufacturing site in Europe. Let’s build a strong future. I am sure with all your engagement, effort and dedication we can master the challenge of this transformation. Thank you and congratulations to all.” 


The ceremony ended with a warm address by Mr. Bahaa Abdullah, CFO of Iskraemeco:

”I am very proud to be here with you today and to welcome Eng. Ahmed Elsewedy and his executive team and to welcome all of you to the opening of our new facility. As Eng. Ahmed mentioned, this is just a beginning, this is a start. Our limit, as we always say, is the sky. This is the beginning of a new era. There are more great things to come: from automation to expanding our business in different directions, both vertically and horizontally. I would like to thank you all. This is your victory, we have earned it together, and this applause should is for you, for our employees. Thank you.”



Thank you to all employees, partners, customers and other stakeholders for supporting us and dreaming with us about next 75 challenges to come!

September 22, 2020
First remote audit successful completed
On 9 and 10 September, 2020 Iskraemeco completed the first remote audit of its production process. We are used to having audits in Iskraemeco but till now all were running in person.
September 28, 2020
We are so excited to start a pilot project Smart City in Iskraemeco’s hometown – Kranj
Iskraemeco is excited to join forces with the Municipality of Kranj and other consortium partners on the implementation of one of the most significant smart city projects in Slovenia.