About us
We power business decisions with an impeccable solution portfolio and a passion for sustainability. Our comprehensive solutions and turnkey services meet countless market demands, providing energy companies the tools to forge the future of energy generation and management in a digitalized world. From IoT expertise to digitalizing data flows, Iskraemeco makes it easy to use energy. Smart solutions, smarter services, brilliant business – Iskraemeco.
knowledge hubs in Slovenia, India and Egypt
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million meters installed
That’s us

Since the company’s founding in 1945, Iskraemeco employees have been transforming their invaluable experience, innovation, and thorough understanding of our customers’ needs into comprehensive energy management solutions.


Iskraemeco, d.d.
Savska loka 44000 Kranj, Slovenia
Telephone: +(386) 4206 4000
Telefax: +(386) 4206 4376
E-mail: info@iskraemeco.com


In accordance with its mid-term strategy, Iskraemeco’s main focus is on developing own knowledge-based programs and acquiring competent staff.

Vision and Values

Our customers come to us seeking comprehensive smart solutions for efficient energy management. We support the integration of our products into existing business processes with a range of professional services.

Elsewedy Electric

Since our beginnings in Egypt 80 years ago we have evolved from a manufacturer of electrical components to a global provider of integrated energy, digital, and infrastructure solutions. We pioneered energy management and efficiency, and smart working is still at the heart of what we do.


Iskraemeco views sustainability as a philosophy that must be lived and embedded, not as a set of routines and guidelines to be followed as an afterthought. It is past time for drastic measures and Iskraemeco holds itself, its supply chain, its partners, and the industry as a whole accountable for sweeping progress. Join us in our journey.