We create innovations through collaboration

When we were designing compliant electricity metering devices in the past decades, the energy system was relatively stable, reliable and robust. And so were our meters. Today, the energy system is dynamic, adaptable and smart, and this

is what our innovative and advanced solutions seek to deliver. In the near future, our energy system will be intelligent, collaborative and inter-connected – across all levels and at all points. We will make sure it finds a perfect match in our solutions and services!

In order to make sure that our devices, solutions and, increasingly, services are constantly up to date, we need to keep well ahead of time in our development and innovation activities.


Our team of competent and highly innovative professionals keeps abreast of market trends, developing solutions that cater to our customers’ needs. Our focus is on connecting with companies, teams and individuals that generate breakthrough new product ideas and working with them towards our common goal. We are open to new ideas.

That is why all employees globally encourage to share innovative ideas. Trends, customer needs and fast-changing technology require change and quick response times.

Iskraemeco will channel its innovative power into providing energy services, eIoT (Energy IoT), which use brand new areas such as artificial intelligence, fast data transfer, reliable communication and edge computing. Through the use of new technologies, we are eager to develop appropriate and advanced solutions for smart grids, smart cities, e-mobility, etc., which will provide us and our partners with effective business solutions and help us achieve our set goals while also delivering energy savings and carbon footprint reductions.


For decades, Iskraemeco has been making strategic investments into innovative electricity metering solutions. In the early decades, our performance was closely linked to the development of proprietary electromechanical meters. In the 1970s, the first semiconductor-based industrial meters paved the way to the development of smart meters, as permitted by the then-available technology. Even then we ranked among the most progressive producers of metering solutions as well as standardization of smart metering. The great energy transition has prompted revolutionary changes

in business models and technological solutions, which currently comprise the issues of how to address global climate change and provide a sustainable world.

Our team’s innovative spirit is the driving force of progress and a vital element of our business development. Innovation and the generation of ideas are essential components of our corporate culture, supporting long-term vision, strategic thinking and competitive edge. Cooperation within the team as well as with our partners, external professionals and all stakeholders is our ticket to a successful implementation of new ideas that help us bring new and improved products and services to life.