Vision and Values
Our vision is to be one of the most innovative platform companies in solving energy, water, and cities challenges while advancing sustainable living.
Using the power of data and the latest technology, we provide digital platform solutions that enable cities, businesses, and individuals across the globe to optimize their energy and water consumption by ensuring safety, reliability, and cybersecurity.

We act as enablers of the green and digital transformations. By leveraging technologies and services, we enable demand-side flexibility and active market participation to optimize energy and water efficiency. Our pursuit of net-zero emissions is ultimately leading to environmental protection and more sustainable living in the future.

We support our customers in mastering their digital transformation journey toward a more sustainable and efficient future.

With cutting-edge technology at its core, we integrate all the devices, systems, and services into comprehensive and customized end-to-end solutions that optimize processes, cost, and resource usage.

We create digital platforms that translate data into powerful insights, and our applications enable utilities and cities to make smart decisions to ensure a better life and future for their business and customers.

We empower our customers and utilities throughout the world to overcome challenges by turning them into new opportunities for efficient energy and water consumption.



We support and respect each other. We communicate openly and honestly. Teamwork is how we conduct our business. Customers, suppliers, and shareholders are all a part of our team.

Commitment And Accountability

We are passionate about achieving results through continuous improvement, teamwork, and honouring our commitments.

Customer Care

We are dedicated to our customers. We respectfully listen to them, study their concerns to understand them, and then exceed their expectations.


Each of us is responsible for the quality produced in everything that we do. Delivering quality is the only way to invest in our future.


We respect our environment, because our actions today will affect the future for generations to come. We consciously build our business on tested sustainable practices.

Social responsibility

Iskraemeco is part of the United Nations Global Compact initiative, a network of like-minded entities that act in accordance with ten universally accepted principles regarding human rights, labour, the environment, and measures against corruption. We support sustainable development practices that advocate economic growth, in harmony with the environment and are aimed at improving the whole world’s quality of life – both today and for the future.

Our products and services foster the responsible use of natural resources and encourage end users to make sustainable choices in their everyday energy consumption.

We design our products and business processes to minimize environmental impacts from waste, conserve the use of water, and mitigate emissions as much as possible.

All Iskraemeco employees respect and act in accordance with our environmental and safety policies. We regularly train company workers on this topic, ensuring that the environment is always among their first thoughts.

Research, development, and innovation are paramount to our business – they are the very foundation that sustainable economic success is built upon.

We comply with all relevant health, safety, and environmental certifications and standards:

  • ISO 9001,
  • ISO 50001,
  • ISO 14001,
  • ISO 27001,
  • ISO 17020,
  • ISO 17025,
  • MID Directive and
  • ISO 45001.

Our sponsorships for education, culture, and medicine is our socially responsible way of giving back to the community that saw us grow.