Among the leading metering providers for 70 years already
June 27, 2016

It was 1945 when the story of Iskraemeco began. The company was established in an industry area consisting of former textile and machinery factories. A year later the company was renamed Iskra, a brand that is still recognized worldwide today, and started with a regular production of single-phase E1 meters in 1948. The first electromechanical meters were based on the renowned Ferraris principle. Only 37 meters were produced in 1947, a year later the number rose to 10,000 meters.

Numerous pattents, expansion to new markets, developments in technology and other changes marked the company throughout the seven decades. By 1985, 10 million single-phase meters and three million three-phase meters were produced. In 2004, the first smart metering project was implemented in Finland. This turn-key project was one of the first large-scale implementations of a smart metering system based on PLC communication. More than 600.000 smart meters were installed in Finland in cooperation with Vattenfall and the telecommunication provider Telia Sonera.

Various smart metering projects today show that the company is following its set strategy to become the leading smart metering provider on a global scale. A team of more than 100 experts in the R&D department, turning advanced ideas into reality, and an established support network are the best guarantee that our customers` investments are secure on the long run. With smart metering we address the future needs of utilities and consumers for efficient energy management and enable them to take a step further towards a smart grid.

Our ambitions for the future do not stop here. One of our main goals is to bring sustainability in the metering industry to a whole new level. Smart meters are part of the electronic industry that has a profound influence on our daily lives. By developing a Fair meter we will minimize our environmental impact from an energy and material perspective, taking into account social considerations through the complete supply chain. This Fair meter will promote responsible development and use of (electronic) products for the future.

As explained by Dieter Brunner, Chief Executive Officer of Iskraemeco: “Exactly 70 years ago, the founders of Iskraemeco realised the potential that the industry was offering. Seven decades later, constant development and growth led the company to become one of the leading providers of metering solutions on a global scale. I am honoured to be part of this success story. Moreover, the numerous smart metering projects ahead make me believe that our future will be even more remarkable than our past.”


April 12, 2016
Iskraemeco will be introducing Smart Metering benefits to the entire Carinthia region in Austria within the next five years
Iskraemeco, d.d., one of the leading smart metering providers recently signed a contract with two Austrian utilities for the deployment of a smart metering solution. KNG - Kärnten Netz GmbH is part of the Kelag group (majority owned by the energy giant RWE) and responsible for the operation and distribution of electricity to the entire Carinthian region of Austria. Stadtwerke Kapfenberg GmbH is the second utility that will replace its entire existing meter population with smart meters.
July 4, 2016
Slovakia on its way to smart metering with Iskraemeco smart meters
Slovakia has set a detailed smart metering plan to fulfil the EU requirements in the area of energy efficiency by 2020. The country`s goal is to install around one million smart meters that will enable utilities to perform demand response and allow consumers to better manage their energy consumption. Distribution system operators have already started the process of exchanging electromechanical meters with smart technology.