Another win for Iskraemeco and the Fair Meter project
November 24, 2016

Last week, Iskraemeco received the Environmental Award within the traditional Environmental gathering, organised by one of the leading publishing houses in Slovenia, Finance.

Iskraemeco was rewarded within the International Environmental Partnership category for the Fair Meter project. The latter is based on a partnership with four Dutch utilities for the development of a common sustainability strategy in smart metering. Liander, Stedin, Enduris and Westland Infra manage 70 per cent of the Dutch electricity market and are aiming to install up to 2,5 million smart meters into their networks until 2020.

The Fair Meter project addresses all major issues that the electronic industry is facing today – energy intensity, labour standards, use of conflict materials (3TG), material scarcity and E-waste. Our goal is to tackle the above issues by implementing transparency throughout the supply chain, develop higher standards in the industry and lower exposure to risks in volatile material markets globally.

As part of the project, we are developing of a Transparency Tool, an application teaching, educating and raising awareness on these issues and responsibilities to communities, consumers, industries and general public.

Several renowned Slovenian companies from private public, governmental and academic sectors participated in the competition for this years` award. We are honoured to receive this prestigious acknowledgment and to be in the company of the most successful Slovenian businesses.

November 3, 2016
We`ve been busy! See what we`ve been up to at this years` EUW
In a smart metering environment, communication is vital. Choosing the right communication technology that serves your need`s best is not as simple as it sounds. Two technologies are currently overwhelming the smart metering market.
December 16, 2016
Iskraemeco enters into a strategic partnership with Swiss e-lynx
Iskrameco recently joined forces with e-lynx, a smart metering solution provider from Switzerland. The partnership will give Swiss utilities access to the latest smart metering solutions and allow Iskraemeco to further enhance its support services and serve its customers even more efficiently.