Automatic cell for engraving of communication module housings
November 7, 2022

Continuous improvement and maintenance are among the key factors for manufacturing companies to remain competitive in the global market. To follow these trends and defy the shortage of production personnel, we at Iskraemeco decided to invest into an automatic cell for engraving of communication module housings.

Previously, we worked with CO2 lasers, which can now be considered old-timers. As with any old equipment, our lasers represent the greatest risk when it came to possible production interruptions. Therefore, the investment into an automatic cell contributes to our vision of more automated production and to the competitiveness of the company.

This new equipment for automatic engraving consists of a conveyor belt, feeding hopper, an exchangeable vibrating drum feeder for the correct alignment and dosage of products to the engraving point. Together they provide two hours of complete autonomy of the equipment. With an advanced diode laser with automatic verification, the equipment ensures that each product is engraved as quickly as possible and verifies the quality of the engraving. Finally, the cell has an automatic for plastic packaging boxes, in which the engraved products are automatically packed.

October 25, 2022
Let's shape the energy transition together – meet Iskraemeco at Enlit Europe 2022
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November 9, 2022
Slovenian Prime Minister visits Iskraemeco’s headquarters
On Tuesday, November 8, we hosted the Prime Minister of Slovenia, Dr. Robert Golob. The management team of Iskraemeco welcomed him for a visit to the production site, which was followed by a short strategy discussion around challenges for technology companies, the difficulties of finding competent professionals for so-called "green jobs," and the energy crisis in general.