Bahaa Abdullah shared his vision for Slovenia’s future breakthrough at the Slovenian Business Summit
March 25, 2022

On Wednesday, March 23, the Slovenian Business Summit was held, where Mr. Bahaa Abdullah, CFO and Executive Director of Iskraemeco, participated with his vision for Slovenia’s future breakthrough.

Bahaa Abdullah, Executive Board member of Iskraemeco, shared his vision for Slovenia’s future breakthrough and prosperity at the Slovenian Business Summit hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. He sees significant economic development in Slovenia since 2008 as the country moves in the right direction in the areas of green economy and digitalization, but also sees many opportunities for improvement. Foreign investment, in his belief, should be seen as positive and beneficial, as such strategic partnerships advance the company’s know-how, infrastructure and technology, while benefiting local communities and boosting the country’s economy.

In his speech, he also highlighted the importance of startups, which often have amazing ideas. They need not only funds, but also governance and marketing experiences and are looking for support to expand to global markets. To prevent the brain drain, he advocates for greater wage relief and the implementation of a development cap on contributions, as well as streamlining and de-bureaucratizing all processes.


“Foreign investment should be seen positively and advantageously, since such strategic partnerships advance the company’s know-how, infrastructure, and technology transfer.”

Bahaa Abdulah, Executive Board member of Iskraemeco

February 25, 2022
Deployment of largest worldwide Smart Metering Project with SYMBIOT
Iskraemeco has signed a contract worth 40 USD million with West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (WBSEDCL) in India to deploy Symbiot Solution.
April 20, 2022
Iskraemeco has acquired a majority stake in Holosys, a provider of IoT and ICT solutions for electricity, water and gas applications.
By combining the companies' resources and expertise in cutting-edge technologies, the new alliance will help expand Iskraemeco's industry-leading portfolio in energy and water management with advanced communications solutions and foster strong partnerships with a broad customer base in the following technical areas: energy, water, industry, infrastructure, and smart cities.