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Smart Meters Supporting CO2 Reduction Targets

People are aware of the consequences that our way of living has on the planet. However, when it comes to carbon reduction, we are pointing fingers mostly to large corporations and their production...

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What is the Deal with Green New Deal?

The Green New Deal introduced a vision of many innovations, yet there is one subtle concept that stands out among all the suggestions, and it seems that this is something that we needed the most –...

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Supplying Scarce Materials and What to Keep in Mind

Iskraemeco is one of the partners of the Fair Meter project, and we pledged to use only non-conflict materials in our production. The transparency of our supply chain gives us a clear picture of the...

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A life lesson that shaped my mindset

At the beginning of my career, I worked as an operator and had first-hand experience of a manager that I did not want to become! I experienced something that taught me a valuable life-lesson....

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What Does the Future Hold for Electricity?

We live in times of rapidly growing population and quickly expanding businesses. The growth of both, population and business, will escalate in the future. This will additionally increase the already...