Exciting new possibilities are always just around the corner
Are you creative, proactive, brave and curious? Are you eager to work for an international company? Are you excited about being part of a team that works in a dynamic environment and deals with interesting challenges and opportunities?

Then working for Iskraemeco is the right job for you! Join a committed and passionate team of colleagues that provides you with support in your professional and personal development.

We have no doubt that highly motivated, responsible, and proactive employees are the reason for our company’s success and evolution. It is with this unwavering conviction that we encourage and support their quest for knowledge, personal growth, and professional development. We always welcome new reinforcements to our team in the form of talented and passionate professionals focused on effective problem solving and striving for continuous improvements.
Employment Opportunities
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Those who haven’t quite finished their studies yet can join our team through our extensive scholarship or trainee programs.
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Why Join?
1. We are masters of our craft

More than seventy years of evolving and growing with the market have made us experts at what we do. We listen to our customers’ needs and put their success first. Our employees are professionals who always go the extra mile to exceed customer requirements.

2. We are ambitious, creative, and proactive

We always have room for people who thirst for taking on new challenges. A dynamic international environment and exciting new advances in the industry offer incredible opportunities for adventurous individuals.

3. We are team players

Greater cooperation and collaboration affects our productivity on a daily basis and makes it easier to put ideas into action. Customers are not outsiders; we work hand in hand with them and treat them as part of our team.

Working for Iskraemeco
Research and Development

Nikola Tesla once said: “I don’t care that they stole my idea.  I care that they don’t have any of their own.” Being creative, innovative, and curious is a way of life. If you constantly crave improvements and you are an engineer at heart, we always have a challenge waiting for you. R&D is one of Iskraemeco’s core departments.

Product and Project management

Smart metering projects are complex, as each phase must follow a tight schedule to meet the deadline. Smart metering products abound at the heart of every project. Our customers expect impeccable performance and quality, so Product Managers must deliver consistently. If you are a master at juggling a handful of tasks at once, setting roadmaps, and sticking to plans, it is time for you to enter the Smart Metering world.

Sales and Marketing

We think of customers as members of our team. Establishing trust, maintaining open communication, and fulfilling their expectations is crucial and beyond question. In doing so you will have support from a worldwide network of partners as well as eager colleagues from the company’s other departments. This is your chance to shine and develop your career on a global level.

Supply Chain

Supply chain management is a critical competence area that helps us satisfy customer demand in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Managing several tasks and interacting with nearly every department will teach you about the company in detail. We are accordingly seeking team players with strong communication skills and the ability to work internationally.

Production and Technology

Our solutions make your future smarter. But to achieve this we count on people who are curious and passionate about technical details. With increasingly common local and international initiatives there are countless challenges across a broad range of areas where you will put your technical skills to great use.

Solutions and project delivery

Solution in smart metering world are complex as many aspects need to be considered from customer current infrastructure, trends in industry (communication, security…)  to country legislation compliance. We need to fulfil customer expectation on maximum performance at minimum cost guiding them through all phases of project from planning to implementation as well as offering them effective support at any time – and for doing so, we need you!