Meet Green Penguin
A project where digital technologies meet nature demands with help of children.

We start with children aiming for the whole society, and isn’t that what we need, a global change?

Remember: data moves science, but great stories move cultures!


We are so proud that we can announce that we have won the public voting Global Climathon challenge for The Most Transformative Idea Award 2020.

Now we are waiting for the final step- to convince Climathon expert commission that Green Penguin idea and environmental literacy of younger children is a winning idea that must come to life.

We invite you to join us at the winner’s announcement on Thursday, 21. Jan at 3 pm CET on the link:


Tackle global environmental challenges and engage residents to co-create a carbon-neutral city.


Use smart digital technologies + gamification to achieve environmental and sustainability literacy for school kids and a substantial reduction of the city’s CO2 footprint.


– Resource consumption data will be measured, analysed and visualised in real-time

– Schools will compete against each other on lowering CO2 footprint through reducing resources consumption

– The data will be recalculated intangible and understandable ways: number of trees, mass ice not melted and penguins saved


Learn more about the project HERE

Public voting has finished!

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Make it happen!

Our idea won in Climathon Ljubljana, Green Penguin has been ranked in top 5 global Climathon ideas (out of 107 competing cities!)…and now we are on our way to win the Global Climathon!

Make our dream a reality! Support us at Global Climathon Competition with your vote and let’s all play Green Penguin and lower CO2 footprint!

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Cities and NGO's are advocating for us:
Ms. Auður Önnu Magnúsdóttir, Landvernd Iceland
Mr. Janez Koželj, Deputy Mayor of Ljubljana
Businesses are advocating for us:

Iskraemeco & Klappir company management give us their full support & resources.

Mr. Luis Goncalves (CEO of Iskraemeco)
Mr. Bahaa Abdullah (CFO of Iskraemeco)
Mr. Jon Thorsteinsson (CEO of Klappir GS)
Our Team
I devoted my career to creating sustainable impacts on the world and I choose the energy industry as this is where the biggest correlation is with CO2.

Mojca Markizeti
Head of Sustainability at Iskraemeco,  Coordinator & Motivational engine of GP project


The Green Penguin combines the digital revolution with the green momentum and builds environmental literacy in younger generations with tools fit for the 21st century.

Thorsteinn Svanur Jónsson
Data collection & processing. Reporting and compliance. Software & CO2 calculations, Klappir


Our long-term objective is to bring knowledge and cost-efficient sustainability solutions globally. By this, we help to protect, sustain, and enhance natural resources for the future.


Anton Birkir Sigfússon

Marketing, copywriting & communication strategy, Klappir


A child today is an adult tomorrow. An empowered child today will be a strong advocate in the future.

Mariia Iglova Andreuzzi
Visualization & marketing, Iskraemeco


The green penguin has the potential to create an exciting, fun, and playful environment in schools. The result will be children that will be stewards of our planet.

Nuno Soares
Partner manager, Iskraemeco


Sustainability is a big part of my life and a passion I am keen to develop. It is also the topic of my Master’s degree.

Lara Šarabon Štojs
Organisation & support, Iskraemeco


Climate change affects all of us right now, and will affect the next generations undoubtedly in the future, for me, our idea is attempting to contribute to solving this issue.

Hossam Zaimi
Technical solution expert, Iskraemeco


Simple – make a better place for us and the next generations through actions that we love, regardless if this is gaming, shopping, driving, …

Robi Zorman
IT & technical expert, Iskraemeco


Energy consumption is outgrowing energy production on an exponential level. We need to do all we can to lower it.

Vladimir Milošević
Innovation & business development, Iskraemeco


Iskraemeco & Klappir Green Solutions
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For seven decades, Iskraemeco has been delivering quality products, solutions, and services that make efficient water and energy use a reality. Our clients get all the necessary tools to manage consumption, anticipate demand, and optimise costs. It also helps consumers act more sustainably.
We are a global company with a local presence in Slovenia, Argentina, India, Dubai, Egypt, the Benelux countries, and the Netherlands. We have currently 9 production facilities in various countries worldwide. In 2007, Iskraemeco joined forces with Elsewedy Electric. By joining the Elsewedy group, Iskraemeco acquired a valuable business partner and unprecedented opportunities for growth and development.“75% of CO2 footprint arises due to energy demand – this is why we feel responsible to explore, develop and integrate technology which can empower society to improve their energy efficiency and consequently cut CO2 footprint. We see data as one of the main tools for a better world – and the effects can be huge – there are many untapped opportunities in the use of technology & data.”
Klappir is an Icelandic software company listed on the Nasdaq First North market that empowers businesses, municipalities, investors, and governments to work systematically toward improved sustainability.

Since its beginnings in 2014, Klappir’s sustainability solutions have been put into practice by over 350 organisations in 18 countries across Europe, North America and Asia. With an emphasis on the automation of data collection and processing, the assortment of Klappir’s solutions form a unique, collaborative overall solution in the fields of sustainability management, reporting, and compliance. Our long-term objective is to bring knowledge and cost-efficient sustainability solutions to the global market. In doing so, we help to protect, sustain, and enhance natural resources for the future.

“The children of today make the decisions of tomorrow. We need to empower them to get it right as there is no longer a margin for error.”


Dream big, win green!