Digital Grid – Empower the grid of the future
Digital grids are transforming the business model of the whole energy sector.
Digital Grids are energy distribution networks connected through an array of devices such as smart meters and sensors.
Digital grids are elite systems for monitoring, analyzing, controlling, and communicating within supply chains to streamline resource consumption and expenditure and maximize reliability, transparency, and oversight.

Iskraemeco Digital Grid address challenges of Electricity Utillities:

  • Modernization of MV/LV stations  
  • Development of centralized grid management 
  • Increasing the network efficiency
  • Improving power quality management
  • Improving network  balances
  • Cutting energy losses (transmission lines losses and unbilled consumption)
  • Reducing power-downs, outage time and ensuring power supply reliability
  • Improving TCO (Total cost of ownership)

Our Digital Grid offers numerous benefits:

  • Improved network reliability & efficiency 
  • Cut loses in the network 
  • Fast detection of network inefficiencies
  • Identification of dangerous network sections to avoid emergences at the peak load time
  • Reduction of outages
  • High-level security in all grid components 
  • Revenue improvements by identifying unbilled consumption
Benefits for CUSTOMER

Digital Grid Solution by Iskraemeco ensure also benefits for Customers:

  • Overall improved consumer satisfaction by getting:
  • Convenient access to consumption data, electricity use monitoring 
  • Opportunity to differentiate between tariffs, and adjust loads 
  • Billing precision
DIGITAL GRID - Reliable and fault free energy supply

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