Driving the change with IoT technology in energy industry

Picture this, it is 2030 and the world’s technological ever-shifting trends are headed to a smarter yet challenging path. In order to get a glimpse of these challenges yet with an attempt to tackle them; we have developed a portfolio of Smart Solutions for a better city; Smart City, Digital Grid, Smart Water and Energy IoT.

Such futuristic concepts need efficient addressing of the versatility of solutions it includes. Get on board with us, on Tuesday, July 6th, 2021, on FREE WEBINAR.

We have set up a live global conference, which will take place on July 6, 2021, at 1.00 until 3.00 PM (CEST).


Driving the change with IoT technology in the energy industry

FREE WEBINAR on Tuesday, 6 JULY 2021 at 1.00 pm

A roundtable that will encompass CAT-M and NB-IoT usage and how these technologies will be moving towards the latest 5G technology.


A baseline of how we use as Iskraemeco implement our products with their latest upgrades, connecting to our SEP2W software that has a customisable approach to our customers, optimising data and bringing flexibility through being an agnostic field device. In which we complete the whole picture of offering versatile solutions through tough challenges, we manage through different field devices, providing data for different systems to meet tailored customer needs


Decades of experience will be comprised through discussions and presentations, for you to expand your knowledge and stay up to the minute with the Energy sector.



Join us at the conference and expand your knowledge in only 2 hours regarding choosing the right connectivity technology, Energy IoT as a whole and the importance of inserting our solution and future ones within it. You will also get exclusive access to Iskraemeco’s recent software updates and new product launches.

  • Opening Key Note
  • Global Trends, new technologies and impact of IoT in the Energy sector
  • Iskraemeco Energy IoT Solutions
  • SoftwareSEP2W System – Optimize your processes with a flexible approach
  • Reference case
  • Q&A session

Join us by registering here and dial in on Tuesday, July 6, 2021, between 1.00 and 3.00 pm (CEST).



Hear the latest from industry leaders, insights from Iskraemeco partners, and

keynote sessions from renowned guest speakers



Round Table: Global trends and latest technologies in the IoT energy sector

One of the most visible global trends is cellular technologies (LTE-M and NB-IoT). What will the legacy of the 2G and 3G networks shutdowns be? What will be the new futuristic upgrade? What will the future hold for us?

Round table will be led by Mr Klemen Belec, Iskraemeco’s Head of Technical Sales.


Klemen BelecAndrej KosAndrej KrajčevićMartin IdsingaMarcel Neu
IskraemecoUniversity LjubljanaTelekomAllianderStedin



Iskraemeco Energy IoT Solutions

In panel 2 you will also get exclusive access to Iskraemeco’s recent software updates and new product launches. Such astonishing content will only becoming from our top-notch professional:

Simon Oblak   Boris BabičAleš Glavina
Iskraemeco   IskraemecoIskraemeco


Iskraemeco Solutions Customer Reference

Panel 3 gives you a glimpse of testimonials and how Iskraemeco implement the versatility of our solutions to solve the toughest challenges

Roland SchwarzentruberMaarten Hektor

July 6th will be the day for you to Challenge your thoughts and Expand your Knowledge!

Join us at the Iskraemeco Global Utility Day and only in 2 hours,
you will be able to gain information regarding choosing the right connectivity technology,
Energy IoT and other Iskraemeco’s recent software updates, new product launches and versatile solutions.