Green penguin – A green innovation that encourages us to live a sustainable lifestyle
September 2, 2022

With the new school year beginning, Iskraemeco and partners are officially launching the Green penguin project. Green penguin is both a social and technological innovation that solves environmental and social challenges through education and citizen involvement.



With the Green penguin project, we primarily educate school children on how to reduce carbon emissions and, most importantly, use fewer energy sources. The project is based on smart digital technologies for monitoring energy consumption data, which is then presented to children through a game in a simple and understandable way.

Part of the project is an application or a platform that will teach children what causes carbon footprint and what they can do themselves to improve the existing situation through tasks of varying difficulty. Through the platform we will teach and encourage students to actively and effectively solve climate goals and decarbonization. At the same time the platform will enable collaboration and connection between departments and schools.

With the project, we want to prove that every individual can influence the environment as long as they have enough knowledge and information. This is exactly why we want the Green penguin to address the younger population, who will learn about sustainable living at an early age and then share their knowledge within their community. In this way, energy and resource consumption will be reduced, thus reducing costs and emissions. Reducing emissions helps to protect the environment.

The Green penguin project is being implemented by a consortium of companies, namely: Iskraemeco, d.d., the City of Kranj, the City of Ljubljana, the Association DOVES-FEE Slovenia and FEE Norway who are implementing the international Eco-Schools programme. The project is co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and SVRK (Government Service for Development and European Cohesion Policy). The Norwegian Financial Mechanism stands for Norway’s contribution to a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.



August 11, 2022
Ecological debt day has been reached
Last week was marked with the so-called ecological debt day. This means that we are extracting ecosystems and resources more than the carrying capacity of the planet, which causes a natural imbalance.
September 7, 2022
Iskraemeco is expanding its offering with eMobility solutions through the acquisition of GL Charge
Considering that transportation consumes up to 30 percent of all available energy, electric mobility is becoming a required solution for sustainable transportation. Numerous businesses are attempting to help in their own ways, but services and infrastructural solutions are now in short supply.