Green Penguin Project

Green Penguin is making children life-long stewards of our planet.
Benefits are for now and for generations to come!

Our idea is based on the use of smart, digital technologies (measurement, cloud computing, big data analysis, visualization tools, list of possible best practices) & engagement of school kids through gamification to achieve:

Environmental literacy.

We teach kids environmental literacy; Same as we all know what is in real life 1 kg or 1m, we need to know what is 1 kg, 1t of CO2 footprint, what it causes…we want to make things tangible. So we calculated it in trees and in m3 of icebergs = penguins.

Digital literacy.

We teach kids digital literacy; they learn about the tools, effects of real-time data, potentials of synergies of technologies,…

Sense of belonging.

Kids see effects of their actions, they compete school to school, learn, play and get awards.

The aim is to create a competition between schools where each school would be assessed based on its resources efficiency use & CO2 emission and based on the percentage of reduction of these emissions.

Significant CO2 reductions.

We will see significant CO2 reductions based on created energy efficiencies and resource consumption reductions.

Costs reduction.

We reduce costs and above all mitigate future financial risks, as we all know, prices of energy will be taxed somehow for CO2 and will increase in future…

Environmental reporting.

Based on the technology we can create full environmental compliance and report for Municipality, offer them a great, accurate, real-time resource management tool

Multiple application.

The best part of the idea is that it is could be applicable to other public buildings and similar city infrastructure: from schools to universities, hospitals, retail stores, hotels, logistic centres. Or even more, the competition could be done from city to city or even between different countries. Imagine if retail stores had screens showing their resource consumption to the customers – where would you go for shopping?