Green Penguin
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Green Penguin is here!

The partnership between Iskraemeco and Klappir Green Solutions came up with Green Penguin Project


The development of the idea started by looking at the needs of the city, residents, and other stakeholders and thoroughly analysing them.

After 72 hours of brainstorming, researching, calculating, and testing the concept, the Green Penguin idea was born. The solution is based on the use of smart digital technologies through gamification to achieve environmental and digital literacy for children and a substantial reduction in the city’s CO2 footprint.

Argumentation and Calculations


Iskraemeco – Bringing intelligence to Energy; Slovenian global company designing smart energy solutions helping utility companies, cities, communities all over the globe to improve their efficiency

Klappir Green Solutions, Icelandic company designing digital solutions that empower businesses, municipalities, investors and governments to work systematically toward improved sustainability.



Technology & digitalization & visualization + gamification + environmental & digital literacy
social & economical & environmental benefits
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Cities and NGO's are advocating for us:
Ms. Auður Önnu Magnúsdóttir, Landvernd Iceland
Mr. Janez Koželj, Deputy Mayor of Ljubljana
Businesses are advocating for us:

Iskraemeco & Klappir company management give us their full support & resources.

Mr. Luis Goncalves (CEO of Iskraemeco)


Bahaa Abdullah (CFO of Iskraemeco)


Mr. Thorsteinsson (CEO of Klappir GS)


Help us realize our idea Green Penguin
The Goal:

Tackle global environmental challenges and engage residents to co-create a carbon-neutral city.

The Solution:

Use smart digital technologies + gamification to achieve environmental and sustainability literacy for school kids and a substantial reduction of the city’s CO2 footprint.

The Way:

With resource consumption data, schools will compete against each other on reducing CO2 footprint .CO2 will be recalculated into ice not melted and penguins saved