Half a million Iskraemeco smart meters in the Netherlands
December 20, 2013

The Dutch are known to be among the pioneers in implementing smart meters and related projects. Iskraemeco has been present on the market since the first pilot projects began and has reached an impressive half a million smart meter milestone this year. Iskraemecos’ presence on the market continues also with close cooperation in the Fair Meter initiative.

Alliander, Enexis and DNWG started with smart metering pilot projects in 2006-2007 for the purpose of gaining knowledge on the smart metering technology and communication,”explained Pierre Souren, Contract manager at Enexis. Iskraemeco has been part of this process from the start and since 2011 the company has been delivering larger quantities of smart meters for the small scale roll-out. The smart meters are based on the Dutch Smart Metering Requirements (DSMR) specifications and the NTA standard, describing the Dutch smart meter infrastructure in full detail. “These new technologies should increase customer awareness on energy consumption and thereby lead to energy savings,” said Pierre Souren, Contract manager at Enexis.

Iskraemeco was able to deliver a smart metering solution, based on strict national specifications and fully addressing all of the security and privacy requirements. The installed smart meters enable remote connection/disconnection that in turn allows utilities` to rationalize their maintenance and operational expenses. Since consumers are becoming a proactive member in the energy sector, it is of extreme importance that they operate with accurate consumption information. Iskraemeco smart meters empower Dutch consumers to modernize their energy consumption habits with accurate data and the option of installing an in-house display.

“For the small scale roll-out, Iskraemeco was one of the selected vendors out of a European Tender for smart single and poly phase GSM/GPRS electricity meters. After an intense period of good cooperation, development and testing, Dutch grid operators installed over 500,000 Iskraemeco smart meters. Iskraemeco always responded efficiently to the start-up problems and issues during the operational phase, so the impact for the grid operators was minimised. Although there were many fluctuations in the purchase pattern, Iskraemeco proved to be a reliable partner in delivering the required number of smart meters. The grid operators agree on the high quality of Iskraemeco meters, an overall excellent performance and customer support,”stresses Marcel Weggemans, Contract manager at Alliander.

Being a part of the Fair Meter initiative is in line with Iskraemeco`s aspirations for delivering high quality products that support worldwide sustainability policies. Therefore it is our goal to become an active member of the Fair Meter Initiative, an open network to raise sustainable practices in the smart metering roll-out. Iskraemeco meters are recyclable, produced in modern and fair working environment and support the environmentally friendly attitude of utilities worldwide.


November 13, 2013
Iskraemeco expands cooperation with Vattenfall in Sweden
Iskraemeco`s cooperation with one of Europe`s leading energy companies, Vattenfall Sweden has recently reached a new level. In September, Iskraemeco`s system software, SEP2W, was successfully consolidated with the head-end system (HES) from Schneider Electric and already enables Vattenfall to perform successful billing.
April 7, 2014
Elektroset Russia recording substantial savings after implementing a smart metering solution from Iskraemeco
Elektroset, a major power grid of Vologda Region is one of the first entities in implementing smart metering in Russia. The utility, based in Cherepovec, supplies electricity to 330 000 inhabitants and all industries in the region. A smart metering package, containing Iskraemeco smart meters, concentrators and Iskraemeco software, SEP2W, enables the utility to successfully reap the benefits of smart metering.