Healthy, happy and successful 2021!
December 23, 2020

Together, we create new stories and business successes! We wish you that the upcoming year will be marked with new opportunities, noble deeds and wonderful moments.

No matter how, where and with whom you will spend the last days of the old year, we hope you will create beautiful moments with thoughts of a better future and you will remember the past year by the good things you have experienced in business, as well as those in your private life.

Although this year was special and certainly different from what we were used to, we wish you to have the holidays interspersed with friendship and love.

In the coming year 2021, we wish you and your loved ones a lot of health and personal satisfaction.

Happy Christmas and New Year!

December 15, 2020
Behind every successful project is a dedicated team
Iskraemeco could not deliver many state-of-the-art projects if it did not have such dedicated employees with an out-of-the-box mindset always looking for the best solution for customer needs.
January 5, 2021
Launch of the »Position Paper: Fair Competition in the energy sector«
We are pleased to announce that ESMIG has launched the »Position Paper; Fair Competition in the energy sector«.