Improving energy efficiency and reliability of distribution networks in North Cairo, Egypt
January 18, 2022

Improving energy efficiency and reliability of distribution networks in Egypt – combining the efforts of Iskraemeco teams to participate in the project secured by Elsewedy Electric

Elsewedy Electric, in consortium with Toyota Tsusho, has signed a new EPC contract with North Cairo Electricity Distribution Company (NCEDC) for the modernization and digitalization of the electricity distribution network in North Cairo through the installation of 500,000 smart meters, a distribution management system, advanced metering infrastructure and remote control unit, and smart ring interconnection panels with renovation works for Helmya.

Elsewedy Electric’s scope of work includes engineering, procurement and installation of all components of the project. The advanced metering infrastructure and smart meters will be delivered together.

Electricity demand in Egypt has skyrocketed in recent years, and additional power generation has only gradually matched demand. In this situation, the Egyptian government has a strong interest in energy efficiency and improving electricity distribution, in addition to strengthening electricity supply and primary energy diversity.

We have responded to Cairo’s challenge through a harmonious collaboration between Elsewedy Electric and the group sister companies. Digitalization is driven by Iskraemeco, who has been working closely with Elsewedy Electric T&D to complement the portfolio of mega EPC projects by developing a world-class, customized solution to meet the current and future needs of the rapidly developing city of Cairo.

Iskraemeco has participated in this major project by designing and developing a solution to provide the advanced metering infrastructure with the following components:

  • Intelligent Energy IoT Iskraemeco electronic single and three phase meters (IE.5 and IE.7), with G3-PLC or GPRS/3G/4G communication modems.
  • Data Concentrator AC750 for connect tivity between the head-end system and smart electricity meters, designed with exchangeable communication modules.
  • Symbiot Software Suite
  • Complete communication system for remote data reading and transmission from smart meters to the head-end system.
  • Integration of the IoT solution with various systems to ensure smooth and secure data transmission.
  • Security solution that includes multiple levels and types of security.
  • Complete IT hardware infrastructure for the AMI system.
  • Installation and commissioning of the first delivery of 50,000 meters.
  • 5-year contract for operation and maintenance.



The implementation of the project will help modernize the electricity infrastructure in Cairo to increase the efficiency and reliability of the power supply and mitigate electricity theft and losses, thus contributing to the reduction of thermal emissions and carbon dioxide in the air and improving the quality of the grid. It is expected that the modernization of Cairo’s electricity grid will have a huge impact on customers, mainly through:

  • Reduced losses in electric energy
  • Significantly higher energy efficiency
  • The improved power efficiency of the grid
  • Optimized operation of the equipment and devices
  • Reduced costs of operating and maintaining the distribution networks
  • Improved network reliability and quality of energy supply
  • Reduced heat emissions and carbon dioxide emissions

The benefits of the new deployment of smart metering in Cairo are colossal, not only for the North Cairo Electricity Distribution Company, but also for the economy and citizens of Cairo.


The advanced metering solution is the result of dedicated teams. They all worked together to ensure a diverse mix of knowledge and experience. The combined efforts of both teams resulted in a superior solution for an entirely new segment of the Egyptian market.



The news was originally published in Engage magazine.


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