Information security is an important link in the digital transformation era
May 20, 2020

It is commonly known that unauthorized access to, or distortion of, data might result in loss of information and related business trouble, as well as loss of revenue or reputation

Hence, any loss of information comes at a high price. Digital transformation brings new and ever-changing technologies and processes, which requires companies to continuously adapt their business and work practices. Information security is a key mechanism that every company needs to put in place.

Iskraemeco amends its information security mechanisms in accordance with international standards, best practices, and recommendations made by auditors and customers. Committed to maximizing information security, the company demonstrates its compliance with ISO 27001 Information Security Management System standard every year through consistent improvement and progress.


In information security, people come first and are therefore highly exposed to risk. The threats to information security are great. Since we are aware that a reliable information security system is based on three pillars, we strive every day to minimize the risks, upgrade our processes and raise the awareness of our employees about the importance of data protection. Common knowledge in the past was just ensuring physical security, but nowadays companies need to take a wider approach. Information in electronic format requires more advanced security mechanisms, such as passwords and computer locking systems, whilst it is also necessary to raise users’ awareness. It is common knowledge that loss of information may cause considerable damage to the company, its customers, or employees, so it is vital that we invest in each of these pillars on a daily basis, making sure that none of them is neglected. It would be wrong to assume that information security is strictly related to IT resources (computers, smartphones, networks). In fact, people are the main components of the entire information security system. With technology characterized by constant change, Iskraemeco needs to keep its employees well informed to ensure the optimal level of information security as well as uninterrupted business operations.


Every day we are faced with new challenges and new technologies that make our work easier but also create information security risks. In order to cope with them, a control system has to be put in place. It is impossible to avoid unforeseeable circumstances but a company can always adapt and make sure it has maintained the security of its employees and the data about the company and its business partners. When something unexpected happens, we need to make certain modifications to our operations in order to ensure business continuity. Efficient and quick reaction is vital in today’s world, as is the method applies to resolve the situation. Every modification of an established system is a challenge in itself, which is another reason that underlines the importance of a resilient and dependable information security system.

May 18, 2020
Big success for Iskraemeco! We’ve won a major project in Slovenia!
We are extremely pleased that our company has acquired a major public procurement project which was led by the company SODO system operator of the electricity distribution network d.o.o. , on behalf of four regional utilities: Elektro Ljubljana, Elektro Maribor, Elektro Primorska and Elektro Celje. Iskraemeco will supply smart meters that will be installed in households and transformer stations.
June 8, 2020
New order for smart meters in BiH continues our strong and long-term successful cooperation
Despite unforeseeable conditions due to the situation in recent months, in April 2020 we managed to ensure a multi-million order for Public Company Elektroprivreda BiH.