Iskraemeco and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering deepen and expand cooperation
May 7, 2021

Long-term and stable cooperation between Iskraemeco and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, are of key importance for research and development of cutting-edge technologies, knowledge and talent development, and the impact of young innovative students on the changes in the environment and society.

Prof. Dr. Gregor Dolinar, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and heads of laboratories attended a working meeting with the representatives of Iskraemeco to discuss the possibilities of deepening and expanding the collaboration between the company and the Faculty. “The meeting was very productive; we identified several contact points between Iskraemeco and the Faculty and agreed on several concrete forms of collaboration,” said Prof. Dr. Gregor Dolinar, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. “Iskraemeco’s project Green Penguin, which addresses the challenges of sustainable development, has a lot of potential. We also found some common ground in the field of developing and testing of Iskraemeco products, energy management, smart cities, augmented and virtual reality, as well as training and education. We will meet again in autumn at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and we are all looking forward to that.”

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Iskraemeco reviewed priority areas of future cooperation and defined the action plan. Marko Mišmaš, Iskraemeco’s R&D Director, said: “The Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana and Iskraemeco are long-term partners in research and development activities and have together completed many successful projects that form part of Iskraemeco’s current portfolio. At the meeting we established the foundations for further collaboration based on joint R&D projects, which will generate innovative ideas to enhance and increase the added value of our future solutions.”

Maks Prokop, Director of Law, Compliance and Human Resources at Iskraemeco, pointed out the importance of career opportunities for students: “Collaboration with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is essential for our company since most of our engineers are Faculty graduates. Like so far, we wish to continue to welcome the Faculty students as recipients of our student grants and scholarships and embrace the opportunity to offer young professionals exciting career opportunities.”

Attendees of the meeting:

  • Marko Mišmaš, R&D director at Iskraemeco , Iskraemeco
  • Peter Kobal, Director of Smart Energy & Water Solutions, Iskraemeco
  • Mojca Markizeti, Head of Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs, Iskraemeco
  • Luis Goncalves, CEO, Iskraemeco
  • Maks Prokop, Legal, Compliance & HR Director, Iskraemeco
  • Bahaa Abdullah, Financial Director, Executive Member of the Board of Directors at Iskraemeco
  • prof. dr. Gregor Dolinar, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Ljubljana
  • prof. dr. Andrej Kos, Head of the Telecommunications Laboratory
  • prof. dr. Boštjan Blažič, Deputy Head of the Laboratory for Electrical Networks and Devices



May 3, 2021
Iskraemeco Ambassador of Slovenian National Campaign of Green, creative and smart economy
We are very pleased to announce that ISKRAEMECO has been selected as AMBASSADOR of SLOVENIAN National Campaign "I FEEL SLOVENIA". GREEN. CREATIVE. SMART.
May 11, 2021
Largest order in LATAM: Meters MT174 delivered to ANDE, Paraguay in March 2021
In March, Iskraemeco s.r.l. carried out one of the most important meter deliveries in the LATAM region in recent years. With the commitment of all departments in our value chain, we managed to achieve the major milestone of supplying MT174 meters to ANDE (Administration Nacional de Electricidad) in Paraguay in a single shipment.