Iskraemeco became a part of LoRa Alliance®
December 16, 2021

We have become a valuable addition to the LoRa Alliance ecosystem, actively driving the deployment of the LoRaWAN® standard for Smart City and Smart Water Solutions.

Municipalities, utilities, and industries are embracing smart technologies and IoT solutions to achieve better operational efficiency, lower investment & maintenance costs, increase data visibility and provide better services to their customers.

To accelerate the implementation of IoT solutions, Iskraemeco has built a comprehensive communication infrastructure for remote data reading. Iskraemeco’s LoRaWAN® network for smart metering and smart management allows cities, companies, and utilities to collect and analyse data from thousands of connected devices. It is meant to support endless use cases ranging from smart metering, smart water management, energy efficiency, to waste management and smart lighting.

Iskraemeco is committed to enabling the network to technology start-ups, industry partners, utilities, and municipalities to develop IoT solutions with us. Any project which requires secure, reliable, long-distance communication at a low cost can benefit from Iskraemeco’s LoRaWAN network. Apart from the commercial LoRaWAN network, Iskraemeco provides end-to-end LoRaWAN solutions ideal for smart city needs.

“It is fantastic to have Iskraemeco join the LoRa Alliance as a LoRaWAN network operator and solutions provider,” said Donna Moore, CEO and Chairwoman of the LoRa Alliance. “Global coverage is a key differentiator for LoRaWAN that is enabled by being an open standard backed by a huge and growing member ecosystem. I look forward to learning about the use cases being deployed on Iskraemeco’s network and welcome its active participation in and contributions to the alliance.”



Smart Metering and Billing

The network provides the communication infrastructure for smart water metering, energy and heat monitoring, and leak detection applications.

Our meter reading solutions are designed to transmit the consumption data from field water meters to a software platform by using LoRaWAN meter reading technology. The data collection process is automated, manual readings are eliminated, and the collected data provide an insight into the water supply network status, identifying:

  • Issues in operation processes with higher data acquisition frequency (once every 2 hours)
  • Detection of water leakages,
  • Information on battery status from water meters,
  • Detection of illegal connection and unauthorized consumption,
  • Also, it becomes possible to predict consumption and make forecasts on daily/weekly consumption rates, as well as better, organize the working process due to predictive maintenance.

Smart Water Management

Using the Iskraemeco LoRaWAN network utility managers get important insights into water consumption. Smart water meters transmit consumption data to a cloud-based application that looks for patterns indicating a leak, damaged pipes, or other problems in the water network. If a problem is detected, the system alerts the utility engineers preventing even more destructive damages.

Our vision is to connect thousands of devices and sensors to the Iskraemeco LoRaWAN network, so we all can utilize the ecosystem and accelerate the development of smart cities and it’s infrastructure.

A large variety of applications and use cases can benefit from the Iskraemeco communication infrastructure: waste, lightning, equipment monitoring, energy and water management, water levels, and water pressure.

We understand that Smart city initiatives do not happen instantly in one single project. Instead, it is a series of projects, each providing a better experience for the citizens, businesses, utilities, and industries, making Slovenian cities safer, sustainable, and more efficient.

About Iskraemeco: For seven decades, Iskraemeco has been delivering quality products, solutions, and services that make efficient water and energy use a reality. Our clients get all the necessary tools to manage consumption, anticipate demand, and optimize costs. It also helps consumers act more sustainably. We are a global company with a local presence in Slovenia, Argentina, India, Dubai, Egypt, the Benelux countries, Italy, Germany, Austria and Poland. We have currently around 70k sqm of production facilities in various countries worldwide. In 2007, Iskraemeco joined forces with Elsewedy Electric. By joining the Elsewedy group, Iskraemeco acquired a valuable business partner and unprecedented opportunities for growth and development.

Public Relations Contact:


Smilja Dolgan Paternoster

*LoRa Alliance® and LoRaWAN® are marks used under license from the LoRa Alliance.

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