Iskraemeco enters into a strategic partnership with Swiss e-lynx
December 16, 2016

Iskrameco recently joined forces with e-lynx, a smart metering solution provider from Switzerland. The partnership will give Swiss utilities access to the latest smart metering solutions and allow Iskraemeco to further enhance its support services and serve its customers even more efficiently.

The Swiss electricity market is very versatile with around 900 companies involved in the generation, distribution and supply of electricity. Nearly 700 DSO`s supply electricity to approximately 5 million consumers. E-lynx, located in Luzern is now a value added reseller of Iskraemeco smart metering solutions for the Swiss market. This newly established partnership will help Swiss utilities reap the benefits of smart metering and enable them to make their first steps towards a smart grid.

»Iskraemeco already has a well-established presence in Switzerland. This cooperation will enable us to gain first-hand information on what is happening on the market and offer our customers local, customized support services«, explains Dieter Brunner, CEO of Iskraemeco.

»The partnership with Iskraemeco is an important milestone for e-lynx in the journey to become the leading smart energy service provider in Switzerland. Access to Iskraemeco product portfolio and deep technology expertise will undoubtedly enable us to service our clients more effectively«says e-lynx CEO Patrick Inderkum.

E-lynx is a subsidiary of GWF MessSysteme AG and was founded in 2014. The company combines all engineering competences for intelligent energy solutions and supports energy suppliers, system integrators and general contractors in planning, realization and operation of intelligent energy networks.


November 24, 2016
Another win for Iskraemeco and the Fair Meter project
Last week, Iskraemeco received the Environmental Award within the traditional Environmental gathering, organised by one of the leading publishing houses in Slovenia, Finance.
December 21, 2016
A new production line to fulfil major smart metering deployments
The new production line is intended to increase production capacity of the AM550 smart meters. Currently, the meters are being supplied to four Dutch utilities (Liander, Enduris, Stedin and Westland) within the SMR5 project. The contract for supplying at least 1,6 million smart meters (with a possible increase in quantity up to 2,5 million) was signed in 2015. According to the forecast, half a million AM550 smart meters will be shipped to the Netherlands in 2017.