Iskraemeco expands cooperation with Vattenfall in Sweden
November 13, 2013

Iskraemeco`s cooperation with one of Europe`s leading energy companies, Vattenfall Sweden has recently reached a new level. In September, Iskraemeco`s system software, SEP2W, was successfully consolidated with the head-end system (HES) from Schneider Electric and already enables Vattenfall to perform successful billing.

Iskraemeco`s cooperation with Vattenfall will soon reach its ten-year anniversary. Since 2004, Iskraemeco delivered 160.000 electricity meters and a larger number of concentrators to Vattenfall in Sweden. A new opportunity to further the cooperation opened up at the end of last year, when the need for replacing the existing meter reading system emerged.

This September, SEP2W was integrated into Schneider Electric`s head-end system. The system is responsible for retrieving and managing data from the entire population of the installed base of Iskraemeco meters. Once the data is gathered, SEP2W sends it for further processing to the head-end system. SEP2W performs hourly meter data read-outs (following the European market requirements) as well as on-demand readings (reading of registers, events, tariff changes …).

SEP2W was designed with a single purpose in mind – to deliver excellent business results and enable a smooth and easy integration in the emerging Smart Grid infrastructure. The agreement with Schneider Electric stretches over the next five years and supplies Vattenfall`s customers with accurate and up-to-date information regarding their energy consumption.

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September 30, 2013
Iskraemeco and Eneco/Utiliq for greener Netherlands
Iskraemeco continues its cooperation with a Dutch service provider, Eneco/Utiliq. This time, the companies teamed up to deliver a smart solution for the electric vehicles (EV) charging market. The first set of Iskraemeco smart meters has already been delivered and installed at several locations in the Netherlands for the contract with Alphabet Car Leasing.
December 20, 2013
Half a million Iskraemeco smart meters in the Netherlands
The Dutch are known to be among the pioneers in implementing smart meters and related projects. Iskraemeco has been present on the market since the first pilot projects began and has reached an impressive half a million smart meter milestone this year. Iskraemecos’ presence on the market continues also with close cooperation in the Fair Meter initiative.