Driving the change with IoT technology in energy industry

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 testimonials and explanations of selected business cases within the IoT environment.

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Iskraemeco Global Utility Day is over.

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Iskraemeco Global Utility Day.

Picture this, it is 2030 and the world’s technological ever-shifting trends are headed to a smarter yet challenging path.
In order to get a glimpse of these challenges with an attempt to tackle them

we have developed a portfolio of Smart Solutions: Smart City, Digital Grid, Smart Water and Energy IoT.

Such futuristic concepts need efficient addressing of the versatility of the solutions they involve.

 On Tuesday, 6th JULY 2021 at 1.00 pm

we will present FREE virtual event:

Driving the change with IoT technology in the energy industry.


An insightful roundtable on the global trends that encompass CAT-M and NB-IoT usage and how these technologies are used with the customers and how they will be included into 5G environment. What will the future hold for us?
We’ll give you an inside look at the latest innovations in energy IoT solutions, hardware and software, and a chance to explore the potential for your business. Iskraemeco Energy IoT solutions leverage a powerful multi-layer technology that enables the deployment, management and automation of connected devices in the IoT to meet customer needs.
Decades of experience will be comprised through discussions and presentations, for you to expand your knowledge and stay up to the minute with the Energy sector.

Attend the conference and expand your knowledge on choosing the right communication technologies in just 2 hours. Get an exclusive access to Iskraemeco’s latest developments in Energy IoT solutions, software updates and new product launches, and learn about the importance of finding the right solutions to your challenges.


13:00 – Opening Keynote

13:10 – Roundtable on global trends and latest IoT technologies in the Energy sector

14:00 – Iskraemeco Energy IoT Solutions, including next generation eIoT meters and system software platform

14:40 – Q&A session

14:50 – Customer reference cases

15:10 – Closure



Hear the latest updates from industry leaders and players, Iskraemeco’s top-notch experts and
share your own thoughts with us.




Changing market trends and digital disruption spur us to continue innovating and delivering future-proof solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.


Luis Goncalves
CEO of Iskremeco



Round Table: Global trends and latest technologies in the IoT energy sector

One of the most visible global trends are cellular technologies (LTE-M and NB-IoT). What will the legacy of the 2G and 3G networks shutdowns be? What will be the new futuristic upgrade? What will the future hold for us?

Round table will be led by Klemen Belec.


Klemen BelecAndrej KosAndrej KrajčevićMartin IdsingaMarcel Neu
IskraemecoUniversity LjubljanaTelekomAllianderStedin



Iskraemeco Energy IoT Solutions

You will get exclusive access to Iskraemeco’s Energy IoT solutions, software updates and new product developments. Such astonishing content will only becoming from our top-notch professional.

Simon Oblak   Boris BabičAleš Glavina
Iskraemeco   IskraemecoIskraemeco




Customer Business Cases

We give you a glimpse of testimonials and explanation of selected business cases within the IoT environment.

Roland SchwarzentruberMaarten Hektor

July 6th is the day for you to challenge yourself and expand your knowledge!

To support future challenges, we are setting up a live global conference to share our decades of experience
through discussions and presentations.
Stay up to date on the latest developments in the energy industry and at Iskraemeco.