Iskraemeco is co-creating a new program for training high-tech personnel
October 11, 2022

At Iskraemeco we strongly believe in training, expanding knowledge and continuous development of our employees, which we systematically take care of. At the same time, as one of the leading technology companies in the region, we are aware of our role in promoting the training of future high-tech employees, whose shortage in the market has been noticeable in recent years.

That is the reason why we are joining forces in co-creating a new educational program called Bionika. The project is the result of cooperation between the Municipality of Kranj, educational institutions and technology companies in the region. Its main goal is to close the gap in the training of the future and current professionals in high-tech professions.

“We joined the Bionika project because the knowledge and development of our current and future colleagues means a lot to us. The project plans to provide new skills for existing colleagues, as well as bringing students closer to the industry and potential future work environments. The educational content is designed to be closely interwoven with our strategic directions. As such, the program covers topics such as smart energy, cybersecurity, IoT and data processing, and the like. By bringing together local companies, we also see an opportunity to more easily invite established foreign lecturers. As we at Iskraemeco fulfill the obligation to actively network in the local community, the project is an excellent opportunity for cooperation between educational systems and companies,” says Aleš Potočnik, Senior Director of the Technological Design Center, Iskraemeco.

The Bionika program is a project with targeted training adapted to the needs of companies and the accreditation of a new study program to improve or attract talent to the Gorenjska region. The program will focus on cybersecurity, system architecture, product design, data analysis, smart energy and other high-tech and management content.

Source: Municipality of Kranj

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