Iskraemeco makes a bold entrance in Belgium by transforming its grid with an Energy IoT solution
January 12, 2021

Iskraemeco, one of the leading smart metering solution providers, and Arewal, a grid-operator servicing the area in the south-east of Brussels, Belgium, have joined forces to transform Arewals’s electricity network with a complete flexible smart metering solution that manages big data and incorporates new Energy IoT technologies that meet sustainable requirements.

The astonishing solution delivered by Iskraemeco brings new Energy IoT technologies to Belgium’s grid operator Arewal in order to facilitate sustainable and smart transitions of its electricity network. Iskraemeco combines select components of its cutting-edge solution providing smart meters based on NB-IoT communication and a HES and MDM software platform.

Iskraemeco has always been one of the main suppliers of electricity meters to the Belgian market. With the earliest deliveries of Iskraemeco products taking place in 1975, large quantities of electromechanical meters have found their way to different grid operators in Belgium. Recently Iskraemeco has been working on the next exciting phase of this collaboration – introduction of new, smart and sustainable Energy IoT technologies that will further improve Belgium’s network.

After testing these solutions for the past two years, Iskraemeco has now found the perfect integration solution that meets Arewal detailed requirements in terms of:

  • Total cost of ownership
  • Flexibility and scalability towards the future
  • Improving grid efficiency

In this project, Iskraemeco combines several components of its Energy IoT solution: electricity meters, NB-IoT communication, software platform, and Meter2Cash platform provided by its Norwegian partner Greenbird Utilihive. In the future, Arewal will be able to integrate water meters or any M-Bus device and Iskraemeco will provide delivery, maintenance and support services. The implementation and integration will start at the beginning of 2021, with the major rollout to be finalized by the end of 2024.

Cooperation and teamwork were of great importance in this project since the delivered solution includes advanced technologies that will play an important role in the future network environment. The long-term partnership between both companies is a guarantee of further improvements that will follow the initial smart meter rollout.

The newly integrated solution will enable customers to manage their resources better, improve energy efficiency, and lower their CO2 footprint. With this first Energy IoT project in the Benelux region, Iskraemeco is strengthening its foothold in the market with a sustainable solution that is designed to meet the future needs and demands of smart city, digital grid, and e-mobility.


Patrick Testers – Managing Director of Iskraemeco Benelux: I am very proud that Arewal and Iskraemeco have come together for this innovative Energy IoT project. Iskraemeco has always had a strong footprint in the Belgium market and it is good to be present again with such a project that shows the capabilities we have built as Iskraemeco. Together with the customer we analyzed the needs and requirements and were able to offer them a solution that will transform their electricity network into a sustainable network, ready for future challenges. From this partnership with Arewal we trust we can expand with further Energy solutions in the rest of the Benelux market!”

January 5, 2021
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January 19, 2021
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