Iskraemeco reaches another milestone by delivering 1.5 million smart meters to Dutch customers
January 16, 2019

Dutch utilities are among early adopters of smart metering systems featuring a dual-fuel solution. The first installations of Iskraemeco’s smart meters began in 2012 with the delivery of 500,000 DSMR2.2 smart meters. In December 2018, the millionth Iskraemeco smart meter was delivered to four utilities involved in the SMR5 project. The project is even more interesting because it is based on applying a sustainability approach to metering.

In 2015, Iskraemeco and four Dutch utilities – Liander, Stedin, Enduris and Juva – concluded a deal for the delivery of 1.6 million smart meters by 2020, with the possibility to expand the quantities to up to 2.5 million during the project, if the need arises. AM550 smart meters are being installed in Dutch households all over the country. Marcel Weggemans, Contract Manager from Liander: “Transformation of the network into a smart grid system requires close cooperation between all partners and effective support from the metering provider in all project stages. Having this constant support is one of the important factors that have enabled us to reach this monumental milestone.”

One of the crucial elements within the SMR5 project was also the implementation of fair smart meters. The utilities wanted to assure their customers that the installed smart meters were fair in all aspects. For this purpose, Iskraemeco adopted a thorough, long-term sustainability strategy. The Fair Meter initiative, which was initiated within the project, incorporates sustainable and circular economy practices in the production of fair smart meters and pays great attention to materials, their origin, labour standards, and developing higher standards in the industry. “We knew that alone we will not be able to make such important advances in sustainability and circularity. All project partners made tremendous efforts to deliver a truly fair smart meter,” said Marcel Weggemans, Contract Manager from Liander.

Within a dual-fuel system, the smart electricity meter and smart gas meter are both installed at the same time. The AM550 smart meter, which plays an instrumental role in the smart metering project, is based on an innovative modular platform and was designed to deliver maximum cost-efficiency. This benefit ranked highly in the list of requirements made by the utilities, who wanted to minimize total cost of ownership. The AM550 meter helps the utilities achieve this goal by offering three main benefits: faster and easier installation, which pushes down operational costs; future-proof modular communication, for easy switching between communication technologies; and 20-year technical life-time. The majority of Iskraemeco’s smart meters will communicate via utilities` private cellular CDMA network, while the rest of the meters will use GSM/GPRS communication.

December 18, 2018
Iskraemeco and ZETDC to make smart grid a reality in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) set out detailed plans for transforming its current infrastructure into a smart grid environment in 2016. The first smart meter roll-out, encompassing 40,000 metering points, will officially start at the end of December. Iskraemeco's smart metering solution for Zimbabwe includes smart meters and head-end software for meter data collection and management.
February 25, 2019
Iskraemeco with a new, refreshed corporate identity
After a successful transformation into a leading smart metering solution provider, we felt that it was time for a new, revitalised corporate image. We are proud to announce the launch of the new Iskraemeco logo as part of the evolution of our brand identity. The new Iskraemeco corporate image reflects who we are today and symbolizes our growth ambitions and future role in the IoT environment.